The World’s Most Dangerous Roads To School That Will Make Your Heart Ache

There are certainly many things that we take for granted. Like the start of an ordinary school year, which however is not so ordinary for some kids from around the globe. The road to school always stays in our dearest memories but the little kids in this post will remember it more vividly. This list of photos shows the most dangerous roads to school that children have to take for getting an education.

Although it breaks our heart to watch these kids undergo such difficulties it also thrills us to see how determined and goal-oriented they are and how seriously they take education for a better and brighter future. However, although these kids overcome challenges, some still don’t and the obstacles and dangerous paths become the main reason they quit studying. So building roads and bridges in some countries like Indonesia, Colombia, India still stay a number one priority to provide children with safer opportunities for learning.

Scroll down to see the photos seeing which even the heartless will feel pain in his heart.

#1. This is how elementary school students go to school in Rizal Province, Philippines

Photo: © Dennis M. Sabangan / EPA
Photo: © Bullit Marquez /AP

#2. Children climbing 30 ft above a river to get to school in Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Photo: © Panjalu Images / Barcroft Media
Photo: © Panjalu Images / Barcroft Media

#3. The road to school through a mountain in Pili, China

Photo: © unknown

#4. Pupils have to cross the river on a bamboo raft to get to school in Indonesia

Photo: © Reuters/Beawiharta Beawiharta

#5. In Delhi, India children are riding a horse cart back from school

Photo: © Reuters

#6. Kerala, India

Photo: © Santosh Sugumar

#7. Walking on the wall of the 16th century Galle Fort in Sri Lanka

Photo: © Reuters/Vivek Prakash

#8. Pangururan, Indonesia

Photo: © Muhammad Buchari

#9. Kids have to cross the broken bridge in Sichuan Province, China

Photo: © Imaginechina / Rex Features

#10. Hope is in their eyes though! Beldanga, India

Photo: © Dilwar Mandal

#11. And they ride bulls to get to school. Myanmar

Photo: © Andrey

#12. Crossing the tree root bridge in India

Photo: © The Atlantic

#13. Canoeing to school in Riau, Indonesia

Photo: © Nico Fredia

#14. They don’t know what danger is! Flying 400m above the Rio Negro river in Colombia

Photo: © Christoph Otto
Photo: © Christoph Otto

#15. Crossin the broken bridge to get to school in Lebak, Indonesia

Photo: © Reuters
Photo: © Reuters

#16. Traveling trough the Himalayas, Zanskar, Indian Himalayas

Photo: © Timothy Allen

#17. Climbinn on these dangerous stairs in Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China

Photo: © Imaginachina/Rex Features
Photo: © Imaginachina/Rex Features

#18. Children have to commute 5 hours taking this hazardous path to school in Gulu, China

Photo: © Sipa Press
Photo: © Sipa Press
Photo: © Sipa Press