Women Stopped Shaving Their Body Hair For “Januhairy” Challenge To Embrace Naturality

The “new” and “trendy” standards of beauty have overrated and undervalued traditional and the perception of it. Full lips, fox eyes, drawn eyebrows, and finally technologies that enable a total transformation of a person’s face to make them look all perfect and flawless on social media.

There are way more issues and problems this world faces every day than our body hair or nails. And only the bravest people who want to make a little change in these pressing standards and social norms take action. Have you ever heard about 30-day challenges like the “Veganuary” or “Decembeard” movements? Well, next time they ask you, tell them about “Januhairy”.

The girl behind “Januhairy” is Laura Jackson, a student that explains the main goal of the campaign is not an angry movement for those who think body hair is abnormal or disgusting, the challenge is more about embracement and empowerment for whom there is more to beauty than something as temporary as looks.

Scroll down to see the photos and tell us about your perceptions of natural beauty and social norms.


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