16 Discoveries Made After The Question “What happens When…?”

The world is a vast and complex place, with a never-ending array of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. For those who seek knowledge and understanding, the journey of discovery is never-ending. Some approach it with a scientific mind, conducting experiments and analyzing data. Others simply stumble upon new discoveries through the course of their daily lives.

Regardless of the method, the thrill of uncovering something new about the world is the same. It can be as simple as discovering the cause of a strange noise in your house, or as complex as unraveling the secrets of the universe. Every time you learn something new, the world becomes a little bit clearer and a little bit less mysterious.

So go ahead, look around you. Observe and question everything. Who knows what hidden secrets you might uncover? The possibilities are endless, and the journey is always exciting.

1. What can happen if you don’t clean your gutters. This brown ice looks like a poop waterfall!

Source: brasticstack

2. What happens when a 2ltr bottle freezes but doesn’t explode

Source: ThriftyDrifty

3. What happens if you microwave a metal-plated mug

Source: Burger_theory

4. This is what happens if you leave a banana in a bag for 5 years

Source: jaybloggs

5. Ever wonder what could happen if a bear breaks into your car? Snowmass Village, Colorado August 8, 2019

Source: whiskythief209

6. This is what happens when you plant carrots too close

Source: CausingACatastrophe

7. What happens if you put Kraft macaroni & cheese in the microwave without water…

Source: Cats39

8. I have no idea what happened but here, a washing machine

Source: ritamoren

9. What happens when a rocket launches satellites into space at sunset? Really cool cloud formations

Source: laudida

10. This is what happens when you put dry ice in a soap solution

Source: alias9487

11. A completely bald hedgehog

Source: Venus_One

12. A 150 ft. Iceberg passing through Iceberg Alley near Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada

Source: iklegemma

13. Ice formation on a cross on top of Mont Ventoux, France

Source: iRa3898

14. The way this Pellegrino burst in my refrigerator

Source: Intelligent_County_2

15. What happens when you don’t trim your horse’s shoes

Source: erivaldoff

16. Horse in a CT Scan. Be glad this wasn’t the room Morty wanted to work in after school. Then again, there is a Rick Chud Jr.

Source: unknown/ Reddit