15 Unlucky Girls Who Got Stuck In Strange Places In The Most Ridiculous Way

Women are truly magical creatures. They are beautiful and kind and seem to have the rare ability to get stuck in all sorts of places. Of course, this is not a property that should be proud of, but it makes them unique, and it’s funny after all. Today we want to show you 25 photos of unlucky girls who managed to get stuck in the strangest places and in the most ridiculous way.

1. American swing is one of the most popular places to get stuck

2. We hope her foot just slipped there, with which we also hope everything is okay.

3. Well, who threw the girl into the ball hoop?

4. No matter what kind of swing they are, they still manage to get stuck in them.

5. Get stuck in the fence – classic

6. And they say if the head passes, then everything will pass

7. She probably does push-ups

8. How? What for? Why?

9. The car is stuck and she is in it

10. No wonder it says that this is a children’s cart

11. This girl also decided to remember her childhood

12. How did she end up with her bottom in the fridge?

13. A girl walks and sees two walls standing close to each other. Shoved foot and got stuck

14. Asian legs are so thin…

15. And again the treacherous swings