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16 Truly Unforgettable Acts of Kindness Performed by People Without Expecting Any Reward

Some people never perform kind acts without expecting something in return. They believe that giving means receiving. But there are also those who delight others simply out of a pure heart. Here are 16 truly unforgettable examples of such kindness performed by people without expecting anything in return. They will leave you amazed!

1. Someone in my neighborhood has been building little dog shelters.

Photo: © Barflyerdammit

2. Kind barbershop in Maine.

Photo: © FloridaMan32225

3. Fourth of July volunteers comforting pets at a shelter.

Photo: © baseballspaceball

4. World’s oldest Royal Bengal Tiger dies at 25. Since a crocodile is his left leg, he stayed in captivity. His caretakers mourning him.

Photo: © electronichope3776

5. This goose at my hospital layed eggs and is nesting in a large planter, one of our maintenance guys built this umbrella for her and set her up with nearby water.

Photo: © OrangeCosmos

6. San Angelo Texas Roadhouse hires a deaf server. What a great way to accommodate those with disabilities. Go support Mario if you’re in the area!

Photo: © DetectiveBennett

7. Little food pantry, Seattle.

Photo: © Tumbleweedenroute

8. The exception to the rule. I saved this little guy after a dog bit his leg.

Photo: © Bellpop

9. Removing a thread from pigeon claws.

Photo: © Hmpunkk

10. Firefighter Comforting A Dog That Has Been In A Car Crash.

Photo: © CommercialBox4175

11. Kind People Providing Coats for homeless pets during this Winter Storm.

Photo: © CaVeRnOusDiscretion

12. I Love Buffalo, NY (Cross-Post).

Photo: © CaVeRnOusDiscretion

13. Someone left free winter gear in my parking ramp at work.

Photo: © NickelCityRiz

14. Our orthopedic doctors saw a stray cat limping in the hospital so they cast his leg.

Photo: © aldox22

15. After 3256 days, he finally asked!

Photo: © onyonrang