18 Touching Stories That Prove This World Is Not Such A Cruel Place After All

Slowly the world becomes a more difficult and challenging place to live, where human beings often seem to lose touch with their emotions and empathy. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the constant stream of negativity in the news – death, destruction, war, and hate speech. However, it’s important to remember that these stories do not define the entire world and that there is still so much to be optimistic about.

So let us not be discouraged by the negativity that surrounds us. Let us strive to see the good in the world and to be a force for positivity and hope. The future is bright, and it’s up to us to shape it into the world we want to live in.

1. Going on my first-ever date today! (17f) I am both extremely terrified and excited at the same time

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2. This woman was so nervous about flying, so the flight attendant explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it still got to be too much for her

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3. Last January I started my sobriety and health journey, I am a year and 16 days sober and I’ve lost 130lbs and counting

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4. And they’re quite reliable too

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5. Sold my first car today

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6. Steward didn’t speak English

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7. Love this for her

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8. Today I became a father! My life has come so far from the bad days. My little boy is so precious

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9. A New York plant out for some light

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10. Despite having had Alopecia for 11 years and being bullied all throughout my childhood, I can confidently say that I am a beautiful woman. I only started to feel this way within the last 2 years and it’s so freeing to know that being bald is ok and it doesn’t define my worth!

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11. The girl, who is beautiful in every form, Victory over cancer: 2020 ➡ 2021

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12. Ahmet Eren’s first words after getting saved 71 hours later the earthquake in Turkey were “I have school tomorrow.” He wants to be a doctor as well

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13. The New York subway banned dogs from traveling unless they fit inside a bag, which for large dog owners was a problem
But it didn’t take long until they found a loophole – the rule only said it should fit inside a bag, not that the bag should be small

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14. Because it is a cat, I’ll throw $20

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15. Our one-eyed and newly three-legged dog just got his wheelchair today!

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16. It’s Daisy’s 3rd Birthday!

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17. Hiding From The Bite-y Puppies

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18. A parrot was found alive in the rubble of a building destroyed by the earthquakes in Turkey. It was then named “Miracle”.

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