The Most Painful Reasons Why Indians Pollute Ganges River So Much

The Ganges River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. More than half a million people live in its basin, and they pollute it regularly.

Do they do it on purpose? More likely from desperation. Because of the lack of running water, the Indians are forced to wash themselves and their stuff in the river, and because of the lack of sewerage, they have to use it as a “toilet,” too.

In fact, they bathe among the corpses. According to tradition, the bodies of the dead should be given to the water. But people don’t have money for cremation, so the bodies are thrown into the water, where they can swim for months until they are eaten by an alligator or caught by volunteers who care about the river’s cleanliness.

Near the large cities, the water is a terrible mixture of feces and debris. Religious ceremonies, organized by 700 million people annually, also contribute to this. So, it is not surprising that India is in first place in the number of newborns with pathologies. The current ecological situation does not allow a different state of affairs.

According to research, the normal quantity of harmful substances in the waters of the Ganges exceeds the norm by more than 100 times. And according to the WHO, the cause of death of 40% of children is poisoning from polluted water.

However, no active measures have been undertaken to save the Ganges so far. For this, it is necessary, first of all, to oblige the owners of industrial facilities to install cleaning facilities and solve the problem of burials in the waters.