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16 Photos That Demonstrate The Incredible Cuteness And Funniness Of Rats

Rats have long been maligned and misunderstood, cast as disease-ridden pests in popular culture. But in reality, rats are incredibly intelligent and social animals, with a complex range of emotions and behaviors. They have been observed exhibiting empathy and altruism towards their fellow rats, and are even capable of forming close bonds with humans when treated with kindness and respect.

Despite centuries of negative stereotypes, an increasing number of people are beginning to appreciate rats for their unique qualities. With the rise of social media, communities of rat enthusiasts are forming online, sharing cute photos and videos, and spreading awareness about the true nature of rats. Twitter accounts like LegalizeRats are challenging public perceptions and working to change the way we think about these much-maligned animals. As we learn more about rats and their capabilities, it is becoming clear that they are much more than just pests, and deserve our respect and admiration.

1. Rats are omnivorous, and will eat a wide variety of foods. They are particularly fond of high-fat and high-sugar foods.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

2. Rats are known for their intelligence, and are often used in scientific research. They are also trained for a variety of purposes, such as search and rescue operations, and detecting land mines.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

3. Rats can reproduce quickly, with females able to have litters of up to 14 pups every three months.

Photo: © TheKizzy

4. Due to their adaptability, large population, and ability to reproduce quickly, rats are difficult to fully eliminate from an area once they have established themselves.

Photo: © courtcourtaney

5. Rats are social animals and usually live in colonies or communities.

Photo: © ClearHit11

6. They have keen senses of taste, smell, and hearing, which they use to navigate their environment and find food.

Photo: © JessRaff

7. Rats are known to burrow in the ground, and can also live in trees or above ground in buildings and other structures.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

8. Rats are typically active at night and are considered nocturnal animals.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

9. They can transmit serious diseases to humans such as the bubonic plague, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and many more.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

10. Rats have been considered a pest for centuries and have been part of many methods of control, from traditional traps and bait to new technology like ultrasonic and electromagnetic repellents.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

11. Some species of rats have been domesticated, such as the fancy rat, which is kept as a pet or for laboratory research.

Photo: © datweavedoe

12. Rats can swim for long distances and can survive in water for several days, they are also able to hold their breath for up to three minutes.

Photo: © morganmakana

13. Some rats can climb vertical surfaces, including rough walls and pipes, and can enter buildings through roof and plumbing lines.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

14. Rats are known to have a strong sense of curiosity and problem-solving abilities, and are able to navigate complex mazes and perform other cognitive tasks.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

15. Rats are known to have an excellent memory, they can remember routes, tasks, and places where they find food, this ability is called spatial memory.

Photo: © bakergirlcan

16. Different species of rats have different lifespans, but in general, rats live for around 2-3 years.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

17. Rats have good communication skills, they use different vocalizations such as squeaks, growls, and screams to express emotions or convey information to their colony members.

The long nose battle rat.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

18. Rats have strong teeth and jaws, they are capable of gnawing through wood, plastic, and even metal.

Photo: © LegalizeRats

19. Rats have relatively poor eyesight, but they have a keen sense of smell, and they can detect a wide range of odors, this ability is used to locate food and recognize other rats.

Photo: © LegalizeRats