15 Sweetest Photos Of Sphynx Cats That Will Completely Change Your Negative Perception Of These Lovely Creatures

Whoever thought Sphynx kittens are not adorable should think twice because they as much as any other breed can be sweet and all cute. If you still hesitate keep on scrolling and by the end of the article you’ll definitely change your mind.

The first Sphynx was born in the 1960s in Ontario as a result of a genetic mutation. The same thing happened a decade later in Toronto and Minnesota and careful breeding has resulted in the full evolvement of Sphynx the way we see them today.

Behind their severe glance hides an innocent and sensitive soul that needs to be taken good care of. Unlike other breeds Sphynx cats don’t have the fluffy fur to protect them from heat and severe cold, they are too sensitive to the sun and can freeze quickly. That’s why if you commit yourself to foster a Sphynx just bear in mind that they are more of indoor pets. Some people are attracted to the idea that these cats are “hairless” so there will be less shedding and grooming. In fact, Sphynx cats do have a thin layer of fur which requires wiping with a washcloth every day (since their skin attracts dust and dirt more quickly).

These fragile and sometimes even insecure creatures are also considered very human-oriented, playful, and affectionate although their faces tell the opposite story. But wait a minute, their faces also can be as lovely and adorable as they themselves are. We’re here to show some cute photos to prove our point. So, scroll down and try not to say “aww” out loud.


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