15 Satisfying Macro Photos Showing How Incredible The Most Ordinary Things Can Be Up Close

Who else impatiently waited for Chemistry lessons at school to be able to look at things under a microscope? It’s incredible how the common things hide so much more inside of them and how every atom in the most ordinary objects has worked together to form a whole non-ordinary universe.

To say that this world is incredibly amazing and full of infinite wonders is to say nothing. That is why we decided to show you a collection of macro photos that show our planet’s wonders better than a thousand words ever could.

Scroll down to see the close-up of the most ordinary objects and see how incredibly satisfying macro photography can be.

#1. Guitar strings close-up

Photo: © ottguy42

#2. A  needle and thread close-up

Photo: © bymingo100

#3. The universe in the eye of a cat

Photo: © Zekeroonie

#4. Inside a dandelion

Photo: © Xyeeyx

#5. Beauty from another perspective

Photo: © josephchildress

#6. Burnt log looks like a quarry on another world

Photo: © Yurconale

#7. A close-up of a banana

Photo: © tronx69

#8. Praying Mantis inspiration

Photo: © prophotod

#9. Close-up of a spiderweb with dew drops

Photo: © cryptodesign

#10. Shield bug, South Africa

Photo: © CobbCamera

#11. The Florida ivory millipede curled up to sleep

Photo: © EvolutionDG

#12. The legend. The male spiny flower mantis.

Photo: © gemmamadelaine

#13. A cigarette close-up

Photo: © Santiagojordan81

#14.  the collision of milk (mixed with blue food color) into cinnamon

Photo: © AndrewAllenReynolds

#15. The amazing tiger beetle

Photo: © radoslawpusz