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20 Captivating Pictures Of Mold Showing Its Dangerous Yet Mesmerizing Beauty

We all know about the dangers of mold and that if it appears on products, furniture, or walls, this is not a good sign at all. You will hardly want to not only eat, but even touch food covered with mold, but sometimes it takes such fascinating and interesting forms that it would be a big mistake not to photograph it.

1. Our dried maitakes weren’t dried enough it seems

2. Fungus of beans

3. The cream cheese is bleeding

4. Boeuf salad

5. Question for brewers should I chalk this up as a bad batch? It tastes fine and it’s 9 days into the brewing process

6. Rotten pumpkin for Halloween

7. The previous tenant never mentioned to their landlord that the toilet upstairs was leaking for 3 years

8. My friend just found this in his fridge. He thinks it was mashed potatoes at one point

9. Bowl of peaches left in the fridge a little too long

10. Petri dish mold bead embroidery!

11. Willem dafoe holding two oranges

12. Hot dogs left in the unrefrigerated container for over a month

13. Hummus

14. Ran into the mold mobile at the beer store. The guy claims it’s non-toxic

15. I like the way my pumpkin is molding

16. So much for eating jello today

17. My pumpkin grew a full head of hair

18. Hello stranger. Almost didn’t recognize it since it had grown funky hairstyles since I last saw it

19. A large slice of forgotten watermelon

20. A forgotten lemon