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17 Photos As Proof That Unusual Things Can Lurk Around The Corner

They say that learning new things helps enrich your knowledge, but sometimes it means that you start to understand how ignorant and uneducated you are. However, this should not dishearten you, but rather motivate you to make more effort. Understanding what you don’t know can help you make the right decision in some situation. For example, you won’t drop something valuable from your hand because you would take it for ordinary garbage. And if you are looking for something valuable and useful, you will have a better chance of success than others – after all, this has already been proven many times.

1. An almost 6’ stalagmite of ice from furnace exhaust condensation.

Photo: © AchinForSomeBacon

2. Tree got blown over and broke at the top of the burl.

Photo: © JerryKook

3. Tall skinny snowman made with a bucket.

Photo: © randalwon

4. An abandoned building is overtaken by nature in the middle of the city of Kolkata, India.

Photo: © FootballLeather4426

5. The water droplets on my car’s sunroof.

Photo: © innoswimmer

6. Someone decorated a single tree in the forest I live close to.

Photo: © jayraan

7. Hydrants in my town have been painted into fairy tale figures.

Photo: © Vitekr2

8. This orange has a mohawk.

Photo: © Heldpizza

9. This Christmas Tree was made from individual hand-cut Mountain Dew bottles.

Photo: © MikeyPapapacha

10. Abandoned catamaran.

Photo: © Plaingaea

11. I found this Bong-shaped pineapple today.

Photo: © ArronMaui

12. There’s a directional signpost at 7600’ elevation atop Big White Ski Resort.

Photo: © TimberBucket

13. Someone crocheted a tire cover.

Photo: © Glarn1875

14. There’s a tiny palm tree growing out of this water drain.

Photo: © Reliquat

15. This ATM is decorated to look like a tree stump.

Photo: © EastCoastBen

16. This heated bench with a wireless charging pad for your phone at a bus stop in South Korea.

Photo: © Lezbi_Nerdy

17. The way the snow is built vertically on these tree branches.

Photo: © Seaspooder