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15 Photos That Are Not What It Seems, But That’s Why They Are Interesting

Sometimes the eyes deceive us and make us see something that is not really there. When we notice familiar outlines, our brain itself puts what we see into a complete picture, which may be far from reality. Sometimes it’s amusing, and sometimes it’s even scary.

1. Isn’t the universe beautiful? Yes. But, this is actually a window with rain on it and a street lamp outside

2. What real love looks like

3. Killer smile on that bird!

4. This picture of a friend hiking makes him look like a giant sitting amongst mountains

5. Big cat or tiny kitchen?

6. Light reflected on a puddle looks like another planet

7. The dogman

8. Fleshball, smells great

9. Banana flower…I think

10. The Rock taking a selfie of himself gleefully backhanding a fan

11. Just a kiddo in the bubble

12. She’s floating

13. Gulliver travels to India

14. Canine centaur

15. That’s a cool haircut