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15 Photos Of The Ocean Depths That Will Help You Understand The Origins of Thalassophobia

The ocean is a vast and mysterious body of water that covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is home to an incredible diversity of life, from the smallest microorganisms to the largest mammals on the planet. The ocean plays a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s climate and weather patterns, and it is also an important source of food and resources for humans.

Thalassophobia, also known as oceanophobia, is an intense fear or phobia of the sea or ocean. This can include fear of the deep waters, fear of drowning, or fear of sea creatures such as sharks or jellyfish. The condition can cause severe anxiety, panic attacks, and avoidance behavior. The fear may have been triggered by a traumatic event such as a near-drowning experience, or it may have no known cause.

Symptoms of thalassophobia may include anxiety, panic, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, sweating, shaking, and avoidance of activities and places related to the sea or water. In severe cases, a person with thalassophobia may experience a panic attack or other intense physical or emotional reactions when exposed to the object or situation that triggers their fear.

It is treatable with therapy, medication, and desensitization therapy. Such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which helps people to change their thinking patterns and behavior around the feared object.

It’s important to note that while Thalassophobia is a serious condition, it’s also relatively rare. Many people enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and other ocean-related activities without any fear or anxiety.

1. Sunless Sea vibes!

Photo: © Erecktus

2. This creepy dock I was on tonight

Photo: © A_complicated_thing

3. The beautiful, yet eerie shipwreck of Tyrifjord

Photo: © ThatDinosaurGuy4Real

4. Somehow this is also thalassophobia and claustrophobia

Photo: © tired_blonde

5. Could you live like this?

Photo: © sugarvenom697

6. SZA’s new album cover

Photo: © s_nd_k

7. Underwater salt lakes are the creepiest

Photo: © RonaldGolden

8. These are some of the coolest, most interesting, and most terrifying creatures on the planet. They’re part of the group of creatures known as Siphonophores, which are colony organisms. In other words, it’s not a jellyfish or not a single living thing as we usually consider something to be alive

Photo: © Wykyyd_B4BY

9. Sunken ww2 bomber

Photo: © KECSKE188

10. Looks a bit more like cyclops to me

Photo: © ViralYNC

11. Alex Dawson’s Award-winning Viciously Haunting Scuba Diving Photos

Photo: © Friendcherisher

12.  Pyrosoma atlanticum  is a species of colonial tunicate, also known as a “sea unicorn,” that is typically found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo: © Ok-Interaction-4693

13. The Arch in the Blue Hole, Egypt which has infamously claimed up to 200 lives

Photo: © pinkblueegreen

14. Freediving near Iglesias, Italy

Photo: © solateor

15. Looks like it is made for Orthodox baptism somewhere in Russia.

Photo: © Dressedclover56

16. Just imagining getting stuck under that ice is making my heart pound

Photo: © Prosilysalute61

17. I usually don’t have thalassophobia but this right here is something else

Photo: © donkirot

18. It’s so big you can see the earth’s curve…

Photo: © DDaymens

19. Exploring the mysteries of the ocean

Photo: © emily3289

20. Stairs down to the flooded level deep inside a mine

Photo: © sub_lunar

21. Stumbled across this photo on a different water subreddit & thought it definitely deserved a spot over here. Dark, deep water AND rain… Yea no thanks

Photo: © iamphr0glov3r

22. Submerged ship off Alaska coast

Photo: © Jsansfrontieres

23. The 960-ton Thai corvette “Sukhothai” rolling over during a storm in the Gulf of Thailand. Even in 2022 modern warships aren’t immune to the sea

Photo: © Sirboomsalot_Y-Wing

24. Here you can find a real truck

Photo: © POLSJA

25. Supposed to be relaxing but it’s actually terrifying

Photo: © yeokyungmi