15 Photos Of Incredibly Massive Objects That Make Us Feel Like A Lilliputian In Gulliver’s World

At some point in our lives, we all have dreamt or at least imagined what it would be like to enter the world of giants and live there for a while. Well, there is no need to enter the world of giants just yet as long as there are real giant objects existing in our world that make us feel like a lilliputian in Gulliver’s world.

It is more than enough to check out the 15 photos of incredibly huge objects in this article to feel like you already entered the world of giants or understand what an ant feels when meeting an elephant.

These things seem even more massive when something appears next to them for comparison. Scroll down to see the photos and tell us what was the biggest thing you saw in your life or maybe in your dreams?

#1. Well, some huge things are also intimidating

Photo: © Depression_nap19

#2. Everything can be massive in comparison with something else

Photo: © deeisnotabird

#3. Oh, nothing just the platform of an oil rig being towed across the water. Where and how do they even build these?

Photo: © Blayze-

#4. There are cities, there are metropolises, and then there’s Tokyo

Photo: © Wamges

#5. The largest sailing yacht in the world

Photo: © Sargassso

#6. Big boats have big propellers. Imagine seeing this from underwater while diving.

Photo: © CliffBurton6286

#7. 26ft tall Marilyn Monroe statue that ended up in a dump

Photo: © alisanz73

#8. A mountain of timber. All stacked and unstacked by hand.

Photo: © Browndog888

#9. Bagger 288, the world’s largest land vehicle

Photo: © YoBoiWitTheShits

#10. Russian Typhoon-class submarine.

Photo: © Subject_Economy

#11. An iceberg passing a house in Greenland

Photo: © BigOldQueer

#12. Railway bridge in Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Photo: © biwook

#13. The Statue of Unity in India. It is the world’s tallest statue at 597ft.

Photo: © jtatc1989

#14. Turbine wheel ready to be re-installed after maintenance – Itaipu Hydroelectric (Brazil and Paraguay)

Photo: © BayViewPro

#15. Don’t even want to imagine what would happen if this dam broke

Photo: © MegalophobicGerts