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19 Photos of ‘Dangerous’ Cats Revealing Their Main Weapon – Claws

Cats are known for their sharp claws, which are not only essential for hunting and self-defense, but also for climbing and marking their territory. While some cat owners choose to have their pets declawed, it’s important to remember that removing a cat’s claws can cause significant pain and may have long-term physical and psychological effects.

In the wild, cats rely on their claws as their main weapon. They use them to hunt prey, defend themselves against predators, and climb trees to escape danger. Domestic cats may not face the same life-and-death situations as their wild counterparts, but their instincts remain the same.

The 19 photos in this collection showcase cats in all their clawed glory.

1. Murder slippers 😛

Source: tootsmacghee / Reddit

2. Meet Diggs! He’s a 6th-month polydactyl Maine Coon!

Source: faithaf / Reddit

3. Mia’s Murder Mittens

Source: Lifsagft_useitwisely / Reddit

4. Robert’s murder mittens

Source: doramatadora / Reddit

5. What’s in the box? Oh, just some harmless toes, no big deal

Source: hibelly / Reddit

6. Mr. Ginger

Source: kennyfaetheblock / Reddit

7. Not a threat, just a reminder

Source: _katykakes / Reddit

8. Tiny lil weapons

Source: stonerbunniixo / Reddit

9. Daphne cleans the beans

Source: Branch_Fair / Reddit

10. The tiniest murder mittens you’ll ever see

Source: kurkmantolumadonna / Reddit

11. Murder, murder, murder. Kill, kill, kill

Source: AphexChin / Reddit

12. New kitten new murder mittens

Source: sagegardenz / Reddit

13. She laid them out nicely for me

Source: druplumant / Reddit

14. Knives out!

Source: onegoodear / Reddit

15. I’ll take that as a friendly warning

Source: Sitdown_comedian95 / Reddit

16. My coworker showing off his nails

Source: natex84 / Reddit

17. Rory shows off her reach and her claws

Source: RoseRedd / Reddit

18. I wouldn’t let him eat the lizard he found in the house

Source: tardisnottardy / Reddit

19. No escape (and who would want to?)

Source: Jman12304 / Reddit