20 Incredible Phenomena You Might Never Have Seen Before Will Most Definitely Leave You Speechless

There are things that can never stop surprising us like Nature, science, fate, and life in general. But there is also photography that combines all of these and is the perfect medium for communicating with the extremely rare and fascinating phenomena.

To live is to always be amazed by all the unexpected surprises this life prepares for us. Even the most ordinary things can become the reason to be wowed. Of course, we hear lots of strange and unbelievable things exist and happen but what the eye sees is way more credible and powerful than a thousand words.

So we decided to compile this article of the rarest photos that show you something new, something you might never have seen before.

#1. Believe it or not, this is an oil painting by Vincent Giarrano

Photo: © lunovanilla

#2. The apocalypse is beyond beautiful this time of year. Brazil

Photo: © StatePossible2222

#3. The car from the movie ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, 2003

Photo: © anthonyhui

#4. The Albino Raccoon or when Nature ran out of paint

Photo: © made_in_GEORGIA

#5. Did you know that the Ethiopian Volcano burns blue?

Photo: © Beven05

#6. A 40,000-year-old Steppe Bison skull that was well preserved in the Alaskan permafrost

Photo: © Greenthund3r

#7. Winter in Finland is just magical

Photo: © anthonyhui

#8. Dain Yoon creates an incredible optical illusion art on her body.

Photo: © TruStoryz

#9. Volcanic Lightning is real and it’s just mesmerizing

Photo: © Beven05

#10. Google Street View in the desert is a camel

Photo: © Hf8uz

#11. Heaven does exist. Lake Baldeneysee in Essen, Germany

Photo: © Fair_Industry7328

#12. A Somali fisherman carrying a swordfish on his back.

Photo: © Koolguymanddude

#13. A trepanation was performed on this Inca skull and a gold plate was used as an implant that shows clear bone reconstruction and osseointegration, that is, the patient survived

Photo: © Scaulbylausis

#14. The blue whale’s heart is so big that a human can fit into it’s arteries

Photo: © Strxwbxrry_Shxrtcxkx

#15. This isn’t a wildfire! Just a regular incredibly beautiful sunset in southern Finland

Photo: © lukasaeg

#16. One of the most unique landscapes in Utah, USA

Photo: © anthonyhui

#17. Nights in Japan are like those from fairy tales

Photo: © Felt-Naomi

#18. A very beautiful and rare shot of the sky

Photo: © jayy8143

#19. A Hammerhead Salamander

Photo: © Grabberdogger

#20. A 2000-year-old Thracian chariot with horse skeletons.