People Post Hilarious Pics For #targetdresschallenge Hinting That Target Dress Design Looks Like Something Only Farmers Would Wear

We already have lost count of the hilarious ideas born during the pandemic. And one of them is the #targetdresschallenge that most of you have probably heard about or even seen and had a good laugh at.

The dresses at Target that you’d probably never consider wearing are out of stock now because this challenge went viral during a really short period of time. Who cares if the dresses at Target look like “people just lost the farm after locusts ate their crops” (actually it all started when someone pointed out the Target dresses to be as such) when the brand sold out these dresses no matter what purpose people bought them for.

So. this delicate comment on the dresses became the birth of a challenge and has got people posting their photos in the dress while doing typical farm chores. Bre and Matt Bogert were one of the first participants of the challenge. Bre first saw the Target challenge on one of her farm-related groups and, cracked from laughter and after seeing a husband participated in this challenge, she thought what if she and her husband joined their forces to submit their hilarious shots to the challenge.

At first, Matt was uneasy with the idea of dressing up for the challenge but their sons starting to convince him to start all this fun. And for a moment he thought “why not?” the world has already seen so much sadness lately and we all needed something to distract us from all the negativity going on around us. And their photos really did that, they made lots of people smile during these challenging times for the whole world.

We have selected some hilarious pics from this unusual challenge to make our readers laugh too.

#1. What are a makeup artist, a Halloween blogger, and a chaotic sewist doing in the woods?

Photo: © Sheila Echols-Smesny/ Instagram

#2. Introducing A-MAN-DUH, TINKER BELL, & BRABRAH BLACKSHEEP, the Goochland Goat Girls.

Photo: © Jenna Anne Emerson / Facebook

#3. I really have no words so I am just gonna leave these right here for your enjoyment…

Photo: © Jenna Anne Emerson / Facebook

#4. Day 339 of the pandemic.

Photo: © Ambre Maddock/ Facebook

Lady folk scroll social media looking for something to entertain themselves in these trying times. One friend (who missed her calling as a cult leader) discovers the #targetdresschallenge and inspires others to purchase dresses that are so unflattering that there is a surplus in the Target clearance section. Per one person’s viral post: “Target has decided if we are going to suffer through a pandemic, we might as well look like we just lost the farm after locusts ate our crops.”

With dresses donned they congregate at Lucky Dog Farm to find entertainment in 10-degree weather. These women, who before 2020 never thought they would ever wear a prairie-style dress and hold a chicken, now contemplate their existence and how the world has changed during this pandemic. They clutch the chickens knowing 2021 has to be better… right?

#5. When your friend says “Let’s do the Target Dress Challenge,” and you’re like me and only need the slightest bit of encouragement to dress up and do something that’s utter nonsense, well then, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, my friend!

Photo: © No Domestic Diva/ Facebook


Photo: © No Domestic Diva / Facebook

#7. My in-laws are so adventurous! Thanks for the fun, Nana! Thanks for taking pics, Papa!

Photo: © Lisa Hanson Tilley/ Facebook


Photo: © Heather Schaaf/ Facebook

#9. We just couldn’t pass up The Dress Challenge!

Photo: © Laura Phillips/ Facebook

#10. So Christine Findlay came to me with an amazing photo challenge idea. And we give you, target dres’s challenge

Photo: © Chaz Burgess/ Facebook


Photo: © Chaz Burgess/ Facebook

#13. A special thank you to the ladies of Hunterswood Knoll for the challenge of the #targetdresschallenge. We had such a fun time and special memories of the 90-year-old plus residents of the Red Brick Road.

Photo: © Tanya Rusak/ Facebook

#14. When you’re bored during a pandemic and you have the best boyfriend model ever. If you don’t know the dres’s challenge, Google it!

Photo: © Danielle Elizabeth Photography / Facebook


Photo: © Danielle Elizabeth Photography / Facebook

#16. Well, we did It finally!!

Photo: © Jamie Quimby/ Facebook


Photo: © Jamie Quimby/ Facebook

#18. Eat your heart out Laura Ingalls! I think I might edit some of these for even more fun, but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself and had a good time. Photo credits to the farmer himself

Photo: © Kelly Schlegel Soefje / Facebook


Photo: © Kelly Schlegel Soefje / Facebook