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18 Men Who Embrace Their Locs and Prove Long Hair is for Everyone

Breaking free from societal stereotypes can lead to some truly amazing results. Take men’s haircuts for example. Many men stick to short, traditional cuts because they believe it makes them look more masculine. But what if we told you that growing your hair out can be just as, if not more, masculine and attractive?

We’ve compiled a collection of photos of men who’ve decided to let their locks grow and the results are impressive. These men exude confidence and style with their longer hair, and even women can’t help but be envious of their gorgeous curls. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself and see how growing your hair can be a bold and masculine choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment and break away from the norm, you never know what kind of results you may achieve.

1. When I say I want to be beautiful but in a masculine way I mean this

Photo: © bout__tree_fiddy

2. This selfie gives off 1980s vibes

Photo: © IllustriousYogurt712

3. Men’s long hair is the new definition of beauty

Photo: © vopraktv

4. You have an incredible golden Lion’s mane, sir!

Photo: © MythicalSponge

5. Love the length, the wave, the color

Photo: © StickyDitka21

6. He looks like a Greek god

Photo: © Grownupjob

7. Any Tolkien fan here could give us an Elvish name with an Asian spin-off?

Photo: © casiocass

8. Curls on white

Photo: © michaelrichardhall

9. Just hit 2 years no trims, nothing. Few different ways I like to wear it

Photo: © ChinoWreckingMachino

10. My current hair

Photo: © Swimming-Face6879

11. Chopped a lot and highlighted, ready to move to Australia in 2 weeks

Photo: © bloodring87

12. Getting Yujiro Hanma vibes. If Yujiro was chill

Photo: © Upbeat_Ride2141

13. Any volume tips for fine hair? Some days my hair insists on lying really flat!

Photo: © Revaalt

14. My Locs Became a Conversation Starter and Brought Joy to Others

Photo: © Dreadindian

15. – What products do you use for your hair? Any help?

– Nothing special! I use pretty standard shampoo, and my hair is healthy. It’s never been dyed or dried out, I wash it almost every day, sometimes every other so I’m not drying it out but it does also get oily fast.

The texture and waves come down to the type of cut, a feathered shaggy cut. Naturally, I have fairly straight hair.

Photo: © Ripster99840

16. A fresh wash and blowout

Photo: © jrosmojo

17. First time posting here. Grew it out for two and a half years to see what it would do. Keeping it

Photo: © Due-Relationship-595

18. No caption is needed. His hair speaks volumes!

Photo: © Gavin_Raine