20+ Photos Showing The Majestic Power Of Nature, Which We Often Forget About

Everything that surrounds us, be it trees, animals, plants, and even stones, is called nature. People do not always appreciate what Mother Nature gives them and simply waste their resources without thinking that they are exhaustible. To remind you that nature has incredible strength and power that can surprise and frighten a person, we have collected for you these wildlife photos that will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

1. Ice formations in Antarctica that look like ice walls, columns, and an archway.

2. Hollow tree burning from the inside after being struck by lightning

3. The inside of a gull’s mouth

4. This is Simba. At just 1 month and 4 days of age, this kid goat had 22-inch long ears!

5. The cassowary’s three-toed foot looks like a dinosaur foot

6. The “Kissing” Rocks, Switzerland

7. Rainbow and tornado…

8. Sea Spider

9. Rare photo of a peacock flying

10. Reeses Pheasant

11. A male Mandrill – the largest non-ape primate

12. Tree about 800 years old Fredville Park UK

13. Majestic Lion running in the wild

14. Mammatus clouds after a Nebraska tornado

15. A Zorse; a cross between a Zebra and a Horse

16. The beauty of a tiger

17. Crepuscular ray and lightning in an electrifying tango. The storm is nearing Thessaloniki, Greece

18. Rhinoceros Hornbill (by Tim Flach)

19. The climbing dead – Zombie-Ant Fungus growing out of a Weevil (by Frank Deschandol)

20. A female Omothymus spider spotted in Malaysia