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20 Images That Showcase the Talents of Amateur Photographers

Are you ready to be amazed? The photographs in this collection will take your breath away. Each one is a masterpiece, captured by amateur photographers who were in the right place at the right time, or who simply have a talent for taking mesmerizing shots.

These images remind us of the true beauty that exists in the world around us. From stunning landscapes to intimate moments, each photo tells its own unique story. We’ve carefully curated this collection to bring you only the finest pieces.

As you scroll through the photos, take your time to truly appreciate the beauty in each one. Whether it’s the colors, the composition, or the emotions captured, each photograph is a work of art. And don’t forget to rate your favorites! This collection is sure to leave you in awe.

1. Paris on a foggy night (Samsung s20)

Photo: © roccobaroco

2. Long exposure shot (iPhone 13 pro)

Photo: © djkam21

3. Hiking at sunrise (iPhone 13)

Photo: © cabeza27

4. U.S. Capitol (iPhone 13)

Photo: © sl_utlakecity

5. A Journey Through Hadriwa and Bavaria’s Forested Landscapes

Photo: © Der_Rhino

6. California from above, shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max (edited with Lightroom)

Photo: © mainhattan069

7. Xiaomi M11 + Lightroom + Google Photos Edit

Photo: © life_in_the_gateaux

8. My son – A few years ago (iPhone 8)

Photo: © inkvine83

9. Troll in Maine (Google Pixel 4xl)

Photo: © donald_pimental

10. Caught my son looking casually epic last night on a hike. Shot with my iPhone XR

Photo: © DudeRanchero

11. Sunset in the stadium (Samsung Galaxy S21)

Photo: © German142

12. It looks like it came out of a cartoon. (Samsung Galaxy S10+)

Photo: © dcop7

13. Metro in Paris

Photo: © Le-Croissant

14. A shot in the dark

Photo: © Anaxodonus

15. New Year’s Eve sunset – McCaig’s Tower, Oban, Scotland. (iPhone 14 Pro.)

Photo: © Hoyerman68

16. Shot on iPhone 13 and edited in Lightroom

Photo: © d2290

17. Times Square Last Night (Samsung Galaxy S10)

Photo: © rearviewvisuals

18. Breakfast in the woods (Pixel 6 pro)

Photo: © instanorm

19. Planeview, shot on iPhone13Pro

Photo: © sandro2409

20. Mikhail Lermontov (Samsung S22+)

Photo: © Send_Boobies_in_DMs

21. I absolutely love it. (Samsung S22 Ultra)


22. Beautiful Prague (Huawei P30 Pro)

Photo: © langshot

23. Perfection (Samsung S22 Ultra)

Photo: © TTBPhotography

24. Another day in paradise

Photo: © Hentaim2020

25. Kokohead Rail Trail, Oahu Hawaii

Photo: © 19cisco96