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17 Hilarious Snaps Taken Seconds Before It All Went Wrong

The internet is full of funny and entertaining photos, and some of the most amusing ones are those taken just seconds before things took a turn for the worse. Whether it’s a group photo where someone ends up with their eyes closed, a prank gone awry, or a sporting mishap, these 17 hilarious snaps capture the moment perfectly. While the subjects of the photos may not have been laughing at the time, we can all enjoy a good chuckle looking back at these comical moments. So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh at some of the funniest pictures on the internet.

1. Will he turn off the chainsaw in time? Tune in for the season finale of ‘Lumberjack Follies’!

Source: Unknown / Imgur

2. One-handed catch? More like one-in-a-million catch!

Source: Unknown / Imgur

3. I Was playing with my nerf gun when suddenly…

Source: Unknown / Imgur

4. Who loves orange soda?…….. well, I hope this girl does

Source: theycallmelinkbox / Imgur

5. After a co-pilot’s first combat mission

Source: ASS2MOUTH / Imgur

6. The Moment My Older Brother Fell Into The Lake. Taken by My Sister-in-Law

Source: Unknown / Reddit

7. Caption It

Source: Bill-Cipher6969 / Reddit

8. When you’re checking out a pretty woman and don’t see the banana peel

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit

9. Even an umbrella wouldn’t help at this point

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit

10. Ouch! bird pulling woman’s hair…

Source: rastroboy / Reddit

11. My lovely daughter

Source: BusinessGoal4697 / Reddit

12. Let’s hope they’re okay. “but that paw clutching the wall though

Source: Lets_Earn26 / Reddit

13. The person who’s copping the worst of it, is the only person in this picture who doesn’t know it’s coming

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit

14. The moment I lost my glasses

Source: YourMomsNext / Reddit

15. When you’re a cat, and you’ve got skills

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer / Reddit

16. Moments before disaster

Source: curious_potatao / Reddit

17. What a delicious apple

Source: Brinjo / Reddit