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18 Hilarious Examples When Awful Taste Meets Flawless Execution

Taste and execution are two crucial elements in any design or product creation process. Having good taste does not guarantee success, as execution is just as important. However, it is possible to have poor taste and great execution, which can lead to hilarious and cringe-worthy results. The corner of Reddit known as Awful Taste But Great Execution serves as a reminder that not all designs are created equal, and that even elegantly produced products can be poorly designed and undeserving of being sold. It’s important to keep in mind that both taste and execution are necessary for creating a successful product.

1. This couch is the stuff of nightmares

Photo: © NonZealot

2. Genuinely impressed by the dedication

Photo: © KaterWaiter

3. Shark urinals

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

4. This enormous framed picture in an ophthalmologist’s office

Photo: © qkvb

5. Not awful taste at all in my opinion

Photo: © J-_Mad

6. So It’s Half-Past The Monkey’s Ass, Somewhere…

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

7. Chicken lamp. It’s hideous but I want it

Photo: © NightOwl0920

8. Titanic movie nails

Photo: © zstone

9. This actually took a lot of talent to sew

Photo: © Uminx

10. I was asked to put this on here

Photo: © Southernms

11. The Sex Museum in Amsterdam! I honestly love the bathroom but it’s also a bit horrifying. The Goya tilework is beautiful though

Photo: © demoncatlover

12. When your tattoo looks more like you than you do yourself

Photo: © EndersGame_Reviewer

13. Seen on Facebook Marketplace. The sewing of these took some real talent

Photo: © gingercat04

14. This mirror design is very questionable

Photo: © Guardiansvn

15. “Family” bathroom

Photo: © Bulbajamin

16. This watch from the ’80s

Photo: © ICEwaveFX

17. Heels made of Durian shell

Photo: © General_Run_3697

18. Bird and human hands hybrid

Photo: © fyflate89