18 Heartwarming Photos Of Kittens Before And After Adoption That Prove Love Change Everything

We already know about the healing power of care, love, and affection. Love could turn the beast into a charming prince, what else do we need to believe in miracles? Of course, the before and after adoption photos of cute little kittens.

Modern Mood has selected 18 heartwarming photos of foster cats transformations showing what they look before they found a permanent home and loving family and after.

Scroll down to see the cute photos and be prepared to have your heart melted.

Do you notice how love can make someone blossom?

#1. They’ve changed so much!

Photo: © deedsypoof

#2. Kittens change over time and change our lives too

Photo: © AT-ATsAsshole

#3. Hazel was a stray who was rescued after being caught in a steel trap for an estimated 5 days.

Photo: © amkaewes

#4. Born in the street, this cat sends greetings from his new family

Photo: © catrescueeveryday

#5. 10 months ago I found this little guy abandoned and starving, now he’s a pampered little prince

Photo: © NeverTheRani

#6. Here she is in all of her glory!

Photo: © IFadingLightI

#7. A heartwarming progress

Photo: © NinjaonHiatus

#8. “I’m grateful for every day that I get to spoil this kitty”

Photo: © butterybreadbuns

#9. Two months of love changed Mr Biscuits

Photo: © CassieL24

#10. From when he was 2 weeks to 1 year

Photo: © dimondman1324

#11. Today she is happy and healthy!

Photo: © policiesed5667

#12. “I was about to adopt my very first kitten; cat foster family said “don’t you want to adopt these two? They’d be so happy together”. They were so right.”

Photo: © croutelle

#13. Before and after in three months.

Photo: © catrescueeveryday

#14. Such a cute transformation

Photo: © Imgur

#15. The day I brought him home versus this month!

Photo: © fosterpetsofsac

#16. My little rescue kitten isn’t so little anymore!

Photo: © Indisputabull

#17. Roxie went from little scruff to majestic feline

Photo: © ADaedricPrince

#18. Before and After rescue from a car engine, 2 weeks out

Photo: © deedsypoof