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18 Pics of Body-Positive Blogger Sara Puhto Challenging the Unrealistic Standards of Instagram Beauty

In a world where fitness models and their seemingly perfect bodies dominate social media, one blogger is on a mission to show that not everything on Instagram is as it seems. Meet Sara Puhto, a 26-year-old body-positive influencer who is challenging the notion that every photo on the platform is a true representation of reality.

Through her Instagram account, Sara shares side-by-side photos of herself, highlighting the drastic difference that a change in pose or lighting can make. “I want to remind people that nobody’s body looks the same from every angle,” she explains in her captions. Hashtags like #bodyconfidence, #selflove, and #progressnotperfection accompany each post, as Sara works to promote a message of self-acceptance and a redefinition of what beauty truly means.

So, the next time you find yourself scrolling through Instagram and feeling inadequate, remember that not everything is as it seems. Take a cue from Sara and focus on self-love and progress, rather than perfection. Keep an eye out for her inspiring and empowering posts!


Photo: © saggysara

”Something I’ve struggled with regarding intimacy is that I find myself sucking in and posing my body to make it appear a certain way.
The thing is, your body doesn’t exist to look a certain way.
Your body’s worth does not change when it’s posed. Your worth isn’t even based on your appearance!! 💛
Your body was never the problem. Many of us think we have to change our bodies in order to be happy with ourselves. But we don’t realize that that isn’t where the issue lies.
Social media, mainstream media and constant comparison to others and things we see make us think we aren’t enough as we are.
You weren’t born hating the skin and body you’re in. You weren’t born thinking you have to pose a certain way. Your perceptions of yourself have been shifted depending on what you’ve been told or seen.
You might compare yourself to things you see on social media and dictate your worth on these without realizing it.
The fact that I would have rather have removed ribs or worn a waist trainer rather than learned to appreciate and accept my body as it is naturally, speaks volumes to how social media is changing our outlook on our bodies as they exist naturally.
Realize every body is unique, beautiful and amazing as it is. Including yours. You can change your outlook on your body.
You don’t need to suck in or pose. Your relaxed body is allowed to exist.”


Photo: © saggysara

”Just some appreciation for “wide rib cages”, since growing up I used to be insecure about my wide rib cage and wanted to change that aspect about myself. (The edited photos are what I “wanted to look like”)
In the past I used to see and read magazine articles that said “dress for your body shape” and “what not to wear if you have *insert inanimate object* body shape”.
Those articles made me realise that I have a wide torso, no curves and I should wear clothing that made me appear to have curves and smaller “frame/rib cage”. I didn’t know why I had to make myself appear to have curves or look smaller. It made me feel like my body wasn’t good enough as it was.
Don’t let articles or anyone, including yourself, make you feel bad about your body. We shouldn’t be compared to objects, because we are not objects. We are all unique and have different bodies.
We’re hyper aware of every little thing on our bodies because we see ourselves every day. But we can also learn to accept and appreciate our bodies for the normal things they do rather than tearing them apart. Allow yourself to live, don’t let small things make you hate your body or stop you from wearing what you want, taking the photos you want or stop you from living your life to the fullest!! Wear things that make you feel cute!!
Your body is not a trend. Don’t treat it like one.”


Photo: © saggysara

”In the past, I have been hyper-conscious about my tummy pouch, and yesterday that feeling came creeping back in. So, in case anyone else needs this reminder; tummy fat is a completely normal occurrence and isn’t anything you should feel bad or ashamed about.
Your internal organs need to go somewhere and your skin needs to fold. Tummy fat is normal and bunches and sometimes touches your thighs, so please don’t let your negative thoughts get to you next time you feel hyper-aware of it.
Remember that when you’re sitting, you’re meant to be in a comfortable state, and you shouldn’t be feeling like you should sit in a way to make yourself appear smaller.
You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin and feel comfortable with natural body occurrences without having to constantly suck your tummy in.
I had to suck in uncomfortably and painfully to get the photo on the left, it isn’t how I normally look, therefore we shouldn’t compare our every day, chilled, relaxed bodies to this and expect them to somehow naturally look like that.
Continuously placing your focus on you not being worthy enough as you are, is where your thoughts will stick.
Keep reminding yourself that these thoughts aren’t productive and that natural body occurrences shouldn’t be viewed as something negative. 🌿”


Photo: © saggysara

”Reminder to not compare yourself to what you see online ✨”


Photo: © saggysara

”I know I’ve talked a lot about dresses in the past and how I could never wear them because of my insecurities about my lack of curves and my belly showing, but I think I’ve finally fully got over the insecurity without feeling the need to suck in 24/7, so if you need to do the same, here is some help:
Know that you’re not alone. Just because you don’t see people in dresses with the same body type as you, doesnt meant that dresses aren’t for you!!!
Posing, angles and lighting and time of day completely change how someone looks in a photo. So comparing your everyday body in a dress, as you see it in the mirror at every angle, will look different to curated pictures you see in media of people in dresses.

We are all unique and have different bodies.
We’re hyper aware of every little thing on our bodies because we see ourselves every day. Allow yourself to live, don’t let natural and human aspects of your body make you hate your whole body or stop you from wearing what you want. Wear things that make you feel cute, ignore and unlearn these stupid societal rules that have been formed!!!
Your body is not a trend. Don’t treat it like one.”


Photo: © saggysara

”Just some reminders of things that are prevalent on social media to keep you mindful while scrolling to avoid comparing yourself to what you see online ❤️
You are amazing as you are.”


Photo: © saggysara

”Reminder that you don’t have to suck in your tummy ever ❤️
But it also takes time to unlearn societal conditioning to suck in, flex and pose so please don’t be too hard on yourself either my bb, take it one day at a time ❤️”


Photo: © saggysara

”Real vs face editing apps 🌿
I find that its difficult to not compare what we see online to our everyday faces. I know I do this while scrolling without realizing it, saying; “I wish I had their hair, their nose, their face…”.
We need to remember to ground and remind ourselves that our faces are perfect the way they are and we don’t need to change them!!!
In addition to this, editing apps are so easily accessible nowadays, It’s hard to tell what’s edited and what’s not edited at times. From the subtlest edits to ones that are obvious.
This is just another reason as to why we should never compare ourselves to what we see online.
I kept seeing posts with peoples facial structures having this unexplainable “similar look” and now I realize that a lot of it comes down to editing apps. – ones where you can achieve this “look” in a matter of seconds with 2-4 taps of a finger.
I see lots of brands, content creators, companies and so on edit their photos before placing them to the public and not disclosing that their photos are edited. whether that’s changing facial structures, smoothing skin, editing make up, editing a pimple out, editing the hair line, adding more hair, etc.
It happens.
Being unknowingly exposed to constant edited photos and then looking at our own unfiltered face can cause us to compare our natural face to the edited, curated posts we have just tapped and scrolled through.
Although during real-life conversations people do not see their own faces speaking and displaying emotions, therefore we don’t actively compare our faces side-by-side to others, like we do online. Add facial editing to this and the comparing becomes intensified.
This is just a reminder that your face is unique, it’s meant to have texture and not look “doll like”. This isn’t by any means meant to shame anyone who does edit their photos, this is to serve as a reminder ❤️
It’s a reminder to not compare your everyday face to what you see online or offline ❤️🌿”


Photo: © saggysara

”On Instagram a lot of us post our best photos and want to post things where we “look good or cute”. I personally used to criticize myself and get annoyed when I couldnt seem to get these “effortlessly attractive” photos people take.
It’s just a matter of perspective of what we see and don’t see on Instagram and other social media platforms.
We don’t typically see people’s accidental double chin, no make up, eye bagged, front facing camera photos or their “just chilling and lounging around” photos.
So don’t feel like you “never look attractive or cute enough” because you compare yourself to photos which have effort of multiple photos taken, posing, flexing, filters and editing placed on them!
any photo of yourself is wholesome and worthy because it’s a memory that you’ve captured!! And remember that your face, body, style and overall life is uniquely beautiful.”


Photo: © saggysara
Photo: © saggysara

”Your confidence is limited to your beliefs and what you are willing to try. So why not try test it and expand your confidence?
In the last few weeks I’ve worn skirts and dresses out in public and I’m so proud of myself because I finally feel fully confident in them!! I’m sharing this so that you can hopefully get inspired to work through an insecurity of yours. We all have insecurities but the thing is we can overcome them too!!!
As humans we have this innate drive to want to be what society promotes, we compare ourselves and find flaws in ourselves. This can be unproductive sometimes. But realize that you don’t have to fit into what society promotes or look like the person or people you compare yourself to. What has helped me is realizing that many of us pose in certain ways to make ourselves look different in photos.
We all have different bodies and bone structure, ALL of which should be appreciated and celebrated!! Seeing photos of others on social media shouldn’t allow us to feel worse about ourselves. Because at the end of the day we’re all unique and shouldn’t feel the need to conform to one type of body, imagine how boring society would be if we all looked the same!
Remember, you are a constant work in progress and you can overcome more than you think. We think thousands of thoughts per day so why do we let ourselves fixate on the negative ones? In situations of insecurity and fear, our brains think the worst possible scenario or thoughts but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true.
You don’t have to believe what your brain is telling you because it jumps to negative scenarios.
Become aware of the things you tell yourself daily that create these insecurities. You can let go of the rigidity of your negative beliefs!!”


Photo: © saggysara

”I’ve noticed this idealized standard of having porcelain smooth skin. We continuously see airbrushed, photoshopped photos of skin DAILY. We see filtered Instagram posts of skin and think “I need that too”.
It’s natural to have visible pores, wrinkles, lines, redness, pimples, acne, scarring, facial hair etc.
Everyone has different genetics, oil glands, hormone levels and therefore will have differences on their skin!!
Having pimples is normal!!
We need to normalize and realize that there isn’t one standard and type of skin we should idealize and place on a pedestal.
Society has conditioned us into thinking it’s natural and “a goal” to have naturally airbrushed skin and that clear skin is the standard we should all aim to achieve.
It’s unrealistic to believe that skin is porcelain smooth. We are not dolls. We are humans with pores, lines and everything else that comes along with skin!!
This post genuinely isn’t meant to come off as me bragging, this is the clearest my facial skin has been in my whole adult/teenage life (I still have acne on my back, chest and the random booty pimple here and there). I want to prove that just because it can look like my skin is clear and “smooth” from certain lighting, angle, and being further away from the camera, doesn’t mean that’s how it looks in reality. Don’t aim to achieve something that is nonexistent.
Everyone has pores, lines and imperfections!! 🌿
PS: Instagram ruins all video quality/coloration so fingers crossed that you can see the video properly”


Photo: © saggysara

”Society has created insecurities out of our natural bodies and are now capitalising and profiting off of these insecurities.
I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of products being promoted for intense “quick fat burn and weightloss”, flat tummies, anti bloating, fit/detox teas… the list goes on.
A year ago a fake weightloss company took one of my Instagram vs reality photos and falsely used it as a transformation photo to promote their anti-bloating products without informing me or getting my consent. So please don’t trust everything you see on social media.
I’ve consistently seen weightloss, diet/bloating pills, fat burning coffees, “fit tea” companies use photos that are misleading due to changes in posing/lighting/flexing in their before and after photos. Or even stolen photos, where the individual didn’t even use the product. Or the celebrities or influencers promoting them don’t actually use the product or accurately display their use of them.
Realize that you don’t need these products. You don’t need to use any of these products to alter your body. Even if these products worked, the best confidence formed is through inner work and realizing you are enough, worthy and captivating without requiring changes to your natural body.
We live in a society that has turned normal body aspects into triggers for insecurity and made body types and parts into trends in order to profit from these curated insecurities.
No diet pill will change your confidence within yourself. That is built overtime and you are capable of building that ”


Photo: © saggysara

”I used to think when people worked out for a few months they’d be able to get abs and would have flat stomachs with toned muscles showing 24/7. That’s not how it is.
I only look like the left when I’m in good lighting, flexing to the point that I feel like I’m gonna pop a vein and sucking in.
Bodies change everyday, every hour. We have stomachs that expand when we eat. We have skin that folds, wrinkles, stretches, breaks out, grows hair.
You are not a statue. You are not a doll. You are a living, breathing human whose body is constantly changing. You don’t need to have abs or a big booty or anything like that to make your body “look better”. You don’t need to have a specific “body type” to be happy with your body. Love the body you have in all it’s different forms.
Abs or a flat tummy doesn’t lead to happiness. They aren’t things that stay 24/7. Please don’t place all your worth and possible happiness on such a small thing.
Dont let a few muscles on your stomach dictate your happiness when there’s so many more things about you that you should be happy about, like your humour, your compassion, your intelligence. You don’t have to change your body. Change the way you view your body.”


Photo: © saggysara

”Don’t let society pressure you into thinking you have to change your body 🌿
You don’t need to suck in your tummy and flex 24/7 in order to “look good”. You don’t need to change your body to love your body. You don’t need to workout or diet to wear certain clothing.
Don’t be ashamed of how your body looks when it’s relaxed. I only look the way I do on the left if I suck in, pose, have good lighting and flex my tummy. Social media shows a split second of someone’s life.
Society has made us obsessed with thinking we have to be leaner, go on diets, workout and have minimal body fat in order to be happy. But we don’t realise that if you get all these things, you won’t magically fall in love with how you look all of a sudden. There will always be a new insecurity, unless you start loving yourself the way you are and not constantly thinking you need to change your body to love and accept your body.
Beauty related companies make money and strive off our insecurities, making us think we need to buy the latest diet pills, waist trainers, hair removal creams, anti blemish or stretch mark lotions, workout plans, meal replacers or supplements to look good.
We need to realise that we don’t need any of these things. All your “flaws” are normal. We are not meant to be perfect or flawless.
The way you look should not dictate your health or your worth or your happiness. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Respect and love your body, as well as other people’s bodies. ”


Photo: © saggysara

”Years ago I was obsessed with my body and had horrible body image issues. The amount of body fat I had determined my happiness. Whether or not my abs showed would determine my happiness with my body. The amount of workouts I did a week determined my worth. Whenever I ate “bad food” I would talk myself down. I would write myself horrible notes calling myself gross and telling myself to work out. I thought It was possible to have defined abs 24/7 without flexing. But that’s not true.
Now I think about the fun I’m having. I don’t think about junk food I ate, I don’t skip events to avoid eating unhealthy. I don’t stress about being “bikini ready”. Because there is no such thing as needing to be bikini ready. You shouldn’t let little things like this control what you are doing.
Wear what you want. Eat what you want. But most importantly, love the body you have and the skin you’re in. You don’t need to punish yourself for eating or for not exercising. Live your life to the fullest and happiest
Your appearance does not determine your health or your worth. Embrace the squish!! Embrace your tummy touching your thighs when you sit!! Don’t feel ashamed about it because it happens and it’s completely normal!”


Photo: © saggysara

”Changing the way you see yourself🌿
I used to get so influenced by other people’s comments on my body, by comments and photos I saw all over media about other people’s bodies. It shaped the way I thought about what an “ideal body” was. Yet I never saw my body as “ideal”. There was always something I wanted to change about myself and thought if I changed that I would be happy.
I thought my body was wrong and odd. I usually get told my stomach is too bloated looking. My stomach sticks out a lot, it’s just the way it is and I can’t change that.
When I relax my body, my tummy just sticks out. Because of this I would always suck in my tummy and pose in certain ways to make it appear smaller.
Some people will always have something negative to say, if I relax my body, many people say I’m fat. When I used to post fitness photos people would say I looked better before. When I was younger and didn’t gain weight easily, people would call me too skinny, or tell me to “go eat a burger”. We a have different shapes to our bodies. Just because someone’s body doesn’t look like yours doesn’t mean that it’s ugly or wrong. We keep seeing comments and hearing words that influence the way we see ourselves. They shape the words we say to ourselves and what we eventually believe and see ourselves as.
We’re so used to focusing on negativity and letting it rule out all the positivity.
We need to stop listening to these negative things. Start only focusing on the positive things, start believing the positive things you tell yourself and learn to love yourself the way you are now. Because even if you change something you don’t like, you’ll always find something else that you want to change.
You don’t need to change yourself in any way. Change the way you talk to yourself and the way you view yourself.
We are all different and can’t all look the same. There is no one “ideal body”. Your body is perfectly ideal the way it is no matter what anyone says or what the negative thoughts in your head tell you.”


Photo: © saggysara

”I got made fun of my chin fat in high school once and it stuck with me to be something that I needed to “get rid of”. I became hyper aware of it and attempted to do exercises to get rid of it. I also posed like the photo on the right (lifting my back tongue muscle and tensing it upwards) to hide my double chin in photos.
I’m sharing this to tell you that if you have chin fat, it’s normal. Chin fat occurs due to a multitude of reasons; genetics, hormones, weight fluctuations, ageing, facial structure etc.
I’m also posting this to show that the most subtle changes in posing can alter how you look in photos. This is why we shouldn’t compare our bodies or our insecurities to others in photos, we don’t see or know what happens behind the scenes in photos. We don’t know about or see the posing, lighting, angles etc.
Some chin fat is more visible than others, either way they’re a part of the human body and there isn’t anything shameful about having it!”


Photo: © saggysara

”Posting this as a reminder that tummy fat is a completely normal occurrence, some stomachs stick out more than others *no I am not bloated and I am not pushing it out and no I am not pregnant and no I don’t have a gut health issue* and this isn’t anything you should feel bad or ashamed about.
Your internal organs need to go somewhere and your skin needs to fold.
It sucks when you’re relaxing and you’re meant to be at a comfortable state, yet your brain somehow still tells you that you don’t look good enough or that you have to suck in.
You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin and feel comfortable with natural body occurrences without having to constantly suck your tummy in.
I had to suck in uncomfortably and painfully to get the photo on the left, it isn’t how I normally look at all, therefore we shouldn’t compare our everyday, chilled, relaxed bodies to this and expect them to somehow naturally to look like this.
keep reminding yourself that these self hating thoughts aren’t productive and natural body occurrences shouldn’t be viewed as something negative.”