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Going Gray Gracefully: These 35 Women Embraced Their Natural Hair Color and Look Stunning

As the trend of embracing natural beauty becomes more prevalent, more and more women are ditching the hair dye and embracing their gray locks. The gray hair movement, led by the Grombre community, encourages women to embrace their silver strands and show off their natural beauty.

One of the biggest draws of gray hair is its versatility. It can be styled in a variety of ways, from sleek and straight to curly and voluminous. Gray hair also has a timeless quality, making it a perfect choice for women of all ages.

Another benefit of embracing gray hair is the time and money saved on hair coloring appointments. Going gray can also be a sign of confidence and self-acceptance, as it shows that a woman is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t feel the need to conform to society’s beauty standards.

Many famous women have also jumped on the gray hair bandwagon, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, and Diane Keaton, proving that gray hair can be just as glamorous and stylish as any other hair color.

So, whether you’re a woman who’s just starting to see the first few gray hairs or someone who’s fully embraced their silver strands, know that you’re not alone in this trend. Embrace your natural beauty and show off your gray hair with pride.


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“Today is my 2-year of ditching the dye anniversary! This little picture is specially dedicated to all the women hesitating before taking that decision, or the women struggling during the transition and who’d like to know what a 2-year “silver growth” might look like. It’s both an extremely long and extremely short process 😁😉. To keep a memory of this special day, a picture with my mom who has come visit me for a few days 😍. She’s my main hair inspiration (and so much more!) and for the occasion, we’ve put on some red lipstick (we both never put on makeup) to rock this picture a little bit more! I had posted a similar #silvermotherdaughter picture about two years ago already. Time flies!!! 😱”


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“Hello I am Jaqueline Bergrós, 30 years old, musical actress from Germany. I had my first grey hair at the age of 18. At this time I didn’t think to much about it. At 21 I started to color my hair regularly. At 25 I had to color it every 3 weeks.
I was always told that I was too young for white hair. I was constantly asked whether I had a deficiency or a genetic defect. Either way, it was clear to everyone and so for me, I had to hide it. Nobody should see that I have white hair ‘much too early’. Especially in my job. I’m working on stage and I have to be a type at auditions. Who wants to see a grey-haired Jasmine in Aladdin? I was ready to bear more and more allergic reactions, hair breakage and hair loss and considered it to be ‘normal’. The more I colored my white hair, the faster they were visible again. Today I know: my white hair wants to be seen.
On March 5th 2020 I colored my hair the last time and decided that my health is more important to me than having brown hair. I don’t want to hide and lock myself in a cage any longer. I was very afraid to show myself, especially for negative reactions.
Since I let my grey hair grow out, I have received countless compliments and great admiration.
I shine in a new light because I am simply me. The way I am. Some even ask me if my grey hair is dyed. Many people simply can’t get the picture of a young woman and grey hair together.
It is a journey and sometimes it is not easy. I decided to go on this trip and I don’t regret a single day. I can’t wait to let go the last bit of color and live my gray to the tips.”


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“When I touch my hair, I always think about my mother. She and I have exactly the same hair. She was about my age when she passed away in my motherland, Japan.

Growing up, I’d dislike my hair: thick, coarse, frizzy, and wavy. And then I started to have gray in my early 20’s. Exactly the same as my mother did…

I vividly remember about my mom’s last haircut – it was done by me, teenager self. She was too ill to go to a hairdresser. When I close my eyes while brushing my hair, I can always feel her hair. When I see my gray, I see her last days… When my young child touches my hair, I always hope that he would sense his never-seen grandmother through his delicate fingers.

As I decided to ditch the dye, I was just so tired of this repetitive and seemingly endless process of touching ups. When I let go, I reconnected with my mother… It was so unexpected and miraculous.

Growing out my gray hair was not something easy for me to transition into. It took me several years to let go of societal norms: pressure to be someone else. I re-started my IG account to dedicate my silver journey just to record my transition. Without knowing, I created my handle name using my mom’s name and birthday. Was this meant to be? Was it a sign?

I have had no clue how this self-discovery has unveiled even during this short period of time. I would not call it “self-acceptance,” more of astonishing liberation and reunification of true self. I absolutely love my hair and colors now, which show magnificent personality and powerful manifestation of my beloved person (who is still so close to my heart!), after the past quarter century of yearning.

When you stop fighting, Mother Nature takes care of you with a splash of color silver.”


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“Hi everyone! 👋 My name’s Alex and I’ve been dye free since June 2017. I decided to stop dying because at the rate I was graying, I’d have to get a touch up every week. I’m super low maintenance so this was an easy decision. I was excited to go on this journey and to see who I would become and how I would look with gray hair. It’s been a fabulous adventure so far. Embracing my grays has been very empowering and liberating. I’ve learned to accept and love my imperfections. My motto is imperfection is perfection. Feel free to ask me about my grays, keloid scars, and arthritis at a young age. We’re who we are because of the things we’re forced to deal with, and knowing who we truly are is a immeasurable gift to ourselves. Thank you for reading and I hope to connect with you all online and in real life!!”


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“Going grey was a huge game changer for me… It was like learning who I was all over again… same me in a different frame (of mind).”


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“Found my first silvery strands in my twenties, and have been dyeing for 20+ years. I opted to bleach out my ends and coax the gray in- and have dark roots instead of light, a dark background instead of a halo(also fabulous, btw). My stylist was such a brave chemist- but now slightly afraid of all the referrals she’s getting😂(This approach was not easy, of course, and I sacrificed many destroyed inches). But two years in, I find myself wishing for more gray! And now I wear red lipstick everyday! I’m truly never going back. Not letting myself go. Letting myself become❤️”


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Photo: © grombre

“Growing out my natural white has been liberating in so many ways”


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Photo: © grombre

“I have been dye free since January 2018. Before that I had made it to 1 year (3 times!) but an event would come up or that time I was 8 months pregnant, and I would feel deeply insecure and unsure and would long to ‘feel like myself’ again.
Even though the same lessons with getting sober 5 yrs ago helped with the transition, sayings like ‘one day at a time’ and ‘trust the process’… growing out grey hair is complicated cause it’s both an internal and external transition and you’re having to show the world both at once without being able to catch up or hit pause.
In December of last year my father passed away from a very aggressive 5 month battle with brain cancer. It was devastating….it still is. My silvers hold a different meaning now. I look at the them and no longer thing of aging. I see them as a reminder and symbol that I can endure really hard things and that I can walk through the unknown even if I feel like I don’t know how. I look in the mirror and I feel a tenderness toward my silver strands, I see my story unfolding… one that is both heartbreaking and beautiful.”


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“Hey there, I came across grombe in December 2017 and kept coming back to the page contemplating if I was ready to embrace the greys and here I am 11 weeks #dyefree I am 31, mum of two, strong grey hair genes from my father’s side and I am with almost 80% grey. My hair have always have had mind of their own and doing their own thing… frizzy and crazy and so I give up now and try to tame them, I let them run wild and take their course and live a wild life of my own. I am having crazy stares and remarks at family gatherings and on streets and at school run and yet I feel so free and confident in myself… it’s almost liberating … #ifeelpretty
So I thank you and may other gorgrouse women who have shared their pictures and inspired women like me and many others. Peace!!”


Photo: © grombre

“Celebrating 3 years since I ditched the dye and couldn’t be happier “


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“Today someone asked me:
‘Does your hair just do that?’

‘Um, yes, it does just ‘’do this.’’🤣’


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“Still can believe my hair is so grey! I used to be a brunette!! Without realizing it, my hair turned grey under my blond dye. I don’t even know when it really happened. A couple of years ago I had brown roots and it seems like all of a sudden, I had grey roots. Then, my blond hair dye did not turn my hair the same colour it used to. It was not a warm caramel blond anymore… it was a ashy beige blond. Took me a while to figure out that it was my natural colour that had changed and not the box dye that changed recipe. So now I’m grey and I really really love it.”


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