Finest Works of Chinese Traditional Silk Embroideries That Will Please The Eye Of Real Art Enthusiasts

China is a country of contrasts with one of the world’s oldest cultures, unique customs, and traditions. Embroidery is one of the most important components of Chinese cultural heritage. It has a long history since the Neolithic Age and kept refining ever since. The finest Chinese embroideries were made in silk and hold a whole culture in each piece.

Quitting her job and starting to travel the world has made 30-year old Ying H rediscover her passion and enthusiasm for art and helped her get closer to her Chinese routes and reconnect with its priceless heritage. Self-exploration has led Ying to a completely new and different path bringing on the idea of creating an online store that would showcase the finest silk embroideries created by different artists who bring to life Chinese traditions with their art.




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The works presented on the website are truly inspiring, they mostly portray embroidered dragons, flowers, birds, and cherry blossoms. They are so Chinese and resemble traditional paintings: only instead of ink silk is used to create these masterpieces.

Ying once said that she grew up in China but never appreciated the huge Chinese heritage and unique traditions. Now as she rediscovered it for herself, she wants to show the world the finest pieces of Chinese culture and share the inspiring beauty of it. Ying believes that showcasing the masterpieces of dozens of Chinese artists will help spread the beauty of embroidery art and prevent it from disappearing. We can’t stop admiring these stunning works of art and decided to share them with our readers too so that you also can appreciate and praise the real beauty of art.



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Публикация от Yingifts (@yingifts)