20 Evil Buildings And A Bonus That Could Have Been Homes To The Most Famous Villains

All the villains and evil characters in the movies live in creepy buildings or at least we imagine them living in such places. There is a subreddit on Reddit where users share any kind of building that could have been home to a villain or someone of that kind.

Our team has compiled a collection of 20 “evil buildings” that are so creepy they would possibly be the residence of the most famous villains. Scroll down to see the compilation and don’t forget to upvote the creepiest one. Let’s go!

#1. San Francisco City Hall illuminated to honor landing of Perseverance on Mars

Photo: © /joedinardo

#2. Somewhere in Belgrade, Serbia

Photo: © tanmaypendse63

#3. China’s version of Mount Rushmore

Photo: © sizeable_interest

#4. This one also counts, right?

Photo: © XSauravX

#5. Creepy, huh?

Photo: © Every_form

#6. I suddenly felt as if i had stepped into an anime

Photo: © Shalaco

#7. Internation Financial center in Hong Kong

Photo: © janeandrew02

#8. Seems as if a happy spot in the middle of evilness. Artwork by rek0de

Photo: © micensinvo

#9. American Radiator Building

Photo: © janeandrew02

#10. This is a cult classic

Photo: ©  savvyfuck

#11. Vampires dwell in Baroque-style mansion in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Photo: © AustinYaoChen

#12. Evil has taken root

Photo: © kwolo8

#13. These churches in a Louisiana forest

Photo: © TheLegendOfEatingAss

#14. This giant surfing Guan Yu statue has entered the chat

Photo: © Every_form

#15. The happiest place on Earth, China.

Photo: © mattdeII96

#16. A nuclear power plant built in a beautiful wheat field near a chapel. Czech Republic

Photo: © senecakillme

#17. Gold tower in Nevada, USA

Photo: © seamusfurr

#18. This ambitious apartment project was scrapped as many compared it to the Twin Towers on 9/11

Photo: © sizeable_interest

#19. The largest statue in the world is finally complete and the scale is on another level

Photo: © malgoya

#20. Imagine seeing this place with no prior knowledge of Christianity

Photo: © Looks_pretty_cool

#Bonus: Wanna get away from all the evilness?

Photo: © mattdeII96