22 Design Masterpieces That Deserve Applause

Design can make a world of difference in the products we use every day. From the way a chair feels to sit in, to the way a lamp illuminates a room, good design can elevate the functionality of an object and make it a pleasure to use.
But there are some designers who take it a step further. They pour their hearts and souls into their work, creating not just functional objects, but pieces of art. These designers are true visionaries, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their designs.

Their creations are not only beautiful but also thought-provoking and inspiring. They challenge us to see the world in a new way and to appreciate the beauty in everyday objects.
In the selection below, you will find some examples of these extraordinary designs. From a simple vase to a functional kitchen tool, these designs will surprise and delight you. They demonstrate that even the most mundane objects can be transformed into something truly special with the right design. So take a look and be inspired to see the potential in the things around you.

1. Mural of a greenish-blue dragon that spans a three storey building gives the effect as if the dragon is alive. Kuantan, Malaysia

Photo: © Turkaret

2. Fire and Blood: House of The Dragon Takes Over the Streets

Photo: © djtalmarketer

3. Unique Fish-shaped Lamp Brings the Ocean into Your Home

Photo: © sho0oryuken

4. Like so many other things on this sub, I think this one’s really cute

Photo: © LeonaCreo

5. Edible Ear-shaped Treats from the boxing legend MikeTyson’s Weed Company

Photo: © DesignCorner

6. That’s kind of depressing

Photo: © SevastyanBeldu

7. Sprite Beach Shower by Ogilvy Brazil Keeps Beachgoers Fresh

Photo: © anelopublicidad

8. Majestic Mollabashi: Stunning Mansion in Esfahan, Iran, Blends Traditional and Modern Design

Photo: © Herbiyeh

9. This bronze sculpture, located in the German district of Schwäbisch Hall, is actually a handrail!

Photo: © stupidfresh

10. Poster by Polish illustrator Paweł Jońca

Photo: © hova414

11. If you use the other end he takes his pants off?

Photo: © congqianman1994

12. Unique ‘Samurai Vodka’ Bottle Brings Japanese Tradition to Your Bar

Photo: © NaoCasanova

13. Wooden Owl Door from 1930s Copenhagen Still Impresses Today

Photo: © FraserGill

14. A Warning from the Past: Soviet Nuclear War Poster from the 1980s Still Resonates Today

Photo: © e0wIdub5vjg9VXu

15. The way this portable cutlery fits together

Photo: © linearmovement

16. Estonian National Opera’s Parking Gates Impress Visitors with Unique Design

Photo: © creapills

17. Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann’s glass canopy in Sonoma, California

Photo: © Arkitek_Yorkshire

18. Unique Paper Bag Fits Perfectly with its Handles

Photo: © OLAAF

19. These room numbers in my hotel

Photo: © chai-knees

20. Barilla’s Spaghetti Ad Design Celebrates the New Year

Photo: © smithographic

21. The Dutch Touch: Tulip Chairs Bring a Modern Twist to Dutch Design

Photo: © taft_jenny

22. A Toast to Architecture: Unique Wine Glass-Shaped Porch

Photo: © A44758507