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20 Instances When Pressing The Camera Button Without Hesitation Was Crucial

Capturing the perfect moment on camera can often require quick reflexes and a willingness to hit the shutter button without hesitation. From unexpected events to fleeting emotions, there are countless instances where taking that photo at just the right time can make all the difference. Here are 16 moments where pressing the camera button without hesitation was crucial:

1. I put my nine-month-old to bed with the aurora for a night light this weekend

Source: FreakinWolfy_ / Reddit

2. Cat Leaping

Source: JfpOne23 / Reddit

3. This hominin taking a selfie

Source: GowBeyow / Reddit

4. Jumping dog

Source: vinkulelu / Reddit

5. This bird caught a mouse

Source: MADNESS_NH97 / Reddit

6. Mutual appreciation

Source: KevlarYarmulke / Reddit

7. Cliff camping

Source: Tschupacka / Reddit

8. Someone used the fungus growing on the tree to create artwork and the results are magical

Source: iklegemma / Reddit

9. Wasp carrying a fly

Source: freddy_is_awesome / Reddit

10. Photo of a Peacock Bird

Source: StonedAnacondaMan / Reddit

11. A heart shaped Antlers Stag in Bushy Park

Source: MuhammadFareedR / Reddit

12. Shadow from the building aligns perfectly with the pole

Source: Agent_2209 / Reddit

13. Man in front of plants

Source: chet- / Reddit

14. Morgan Freeman’s new job

Source: unknown_human / Reddit

15. This man kissing an elephant

Source: tannerlaw / Reddit

16. Mammatus Clouds. The most unusual clouds in the world

Source: thetmp101 / Reddit

17. Afro Bougainville

Source: rustyyryan / Reddit

18. Bird taking a drink of water

Source: StonedAnacondaMan / Reddit

19. End of the bout

Source: 9999monkeys / Reddit

20. Figure skaters

Source: whenssmokocunt / Reddit