As The Monkey Tail Beard Trend Goes Viral More Men Have Tried It Themselves And Couldn’t Look More Hilarious

Another bizarre internet fashion trend that has gone viral making men experiment with the wildest style of beard the so-called monkey tail beard (or the cattail, as you wish).

Actually, the monkey tail beard has been a thing since 2013 then somehow, fortunately, was forgotten then again hit the road in mid-2020. We do realize that after seeing these photos the temptation to get yourself one will be irresistible but we also sincerely hope this trend won’t spread any wider.

What’s your opinion of this ultrafashionable trend?

Check out the photos and upvote your favorite ones or the ones you simply hated. And if you’ve gone wild and sported this style, please share your photos so that we could have more fun.


Photo: © tracystints


Photo: © tracystints


Photo: © startrik


Photo: ©.shanepmcdonald


Photo: © ziggykarrillof


Photo: © rudygunn


Photo: © robhallphoto


Photo: ©.radolumbo


Photo: © maneandcalvo


Photo: © lookwhatihavedone


Photo: © jose_benavente_inmemoriam


Photo: © d.lishs


Photo: © brad188udm


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Photo: © jacquisalisbury


Photo: © ronnbenway