Amazing Stuff From Around The World That Will Make Your Jaws Drop 18 Times In A Row

There are things in this world that keep on telling us not to be surprised anymore, but we still have our jaws dropped when we learn about or see them. No matter how hard we try to stay calm and pretend that nothing astonishes us anymore, there are times that we can’t pretend anymore.

This collection of 18 impressive shots is proof of it. Scroll down to check out all the incredibility this world has up its sleeve, and be ready to be amazed 18 times in a row.

#1. Barack Obama and his top advisors watching to see if Osama Bin Laden had been killed in 2011

Photo: © DeezzzzNutzzz00

#2. 2000-year-old marble throne seats at the Theatre of Amphiareion of Oropos, Greece

Photo: © silvercatbob

#3. This is how a police taser probe looks

Photo: © The-Fotus

#4. One of the largest bonfires in the world. Norway-Aalesund

Photo: © Tigerdad1973

#5. The Maserati Boomerang (1972) Cyberpunk of the 70s

Photo: © DavidRolands

#6. 2300-year-old ancient Greek pillar with a marble face inserted into it – Praxias offered it to the god of medicine Asclepius for healing his wife, who was suffering from an ailment on the eyes – Now on display at the Acropolis Museum in Athens


#7. This is the actual size of a fire hydrant

Photo: © Character-Stretch697

#8. Solar Powered Ebike Project from Denmark by Jesper Frausig

Photo: © Xenoryzen_Dragon

#9. 1969 Toyota EX-III. Why does it look so cool?

Photo: © Sxzym

#10. In the 1930s, Baby-Cages ensured that children living in apartment buildings had enough fresh air and sunlight.

Photo: © makaros622

#11. This diver found an 11thC crusader sword in the sea near Israel

Photo: © thebigchil73

#12. Mummified baby woolly mammoth found by a gold miner in the Klondike, Yukon

Photo: © Jimbrutan

#13. Watermelons are grown in boxes on the vine in Japan for convenient stacking, shipping, and storage.

Photo: © Character-Stretch697

#14. A cool lamp made by carving buffalo bones

Photo: © IamtheZK

#15. Anonychia is the partial or total absence of one or more nails on the fingers or toes.

Photo: © froggysaysno

#16. This Tahitian Squash has been a swan in a previous life

Photo: © OceanMan20

#17. One in a million moment. Lightning strikes a tree captured in unprecedented details.

Photo: © makaros622

#18. The way the storm has bent the overgrown grass is so satisfying

Photo: © Gasty-Blasty