18 Funny Photos Of Adorable Pooches Covered In Mud And Enjoying Themselves So Much They Should Be MUD’s Best Friend Not MEN’s

No matter how dirty and covered with mud they are we still love our pooches like crazy. Ironically enough they even look cuter playing in the mud and looking at us with their innocent look when it comes to deciding whether to let them in or not.

And no matter how well you treat them anyway mud will pull them like a magnet more.

Check out the photos proving that it’s time to change the phrase “dog is a men’s best friend” to “Dog is the mud’s best friend”. Okay, let’s go have some laugh time together with these hilarious dirty creatures.

#1. Whose dog is this? Ours was a white poodle

Photo: © InternetMonger

#2. “Exactly, I enjoy it”

Photo: © Unknown

#3. This is one DIRTY mischievous puppy… and he knows it!

Photo: ©  padma321

#4. A family went to a movie for 3 hours and came back to this…

Photo: © Imgur

#5. I just had the best time ever!

Photo: © Imgur

#6. Behold, the Vietcong doggo!

Photo: © neitral-fella

#7. “Does my fur look good in this?”

Photo: © all_about_albus

#8. Harry got too hot today so he rolled in the muddy pond.

Photo: © kevinheath1

#9. “Daddy says I am walking home… I can’t think why?”

Photo: © spaniels_molly_and_willow

#10. Ravioli found the mud puddle

Photo: © blumpd

#11. The ordinary turn of events

Photo: © allioooopd

#12. Reasons why you shouldn’t allow your dog play in the mud

Photo: © lapyhvost.umoritelno.com

#13. The little trouble maker…

Photo: © Wonders

#14. Try to recognize your dog here

Photo: © Imgur

#15. “It wouldn’t be a perfect Easter for me unless I got to go play in puddles and make a mess and be a savage mud monster”

Photo: © _sirchai_

#16. Chadwick promised he could handle our rainy season

Photo: © reakingknees

#17. OMG, who can even be mad with him?

Photo: © Aftern00n-Delight

#18. It rained all day and Nugget discovered how fun it is to dig in the mud. She clearly enjoyed herself!

Photo: © burgandyblossom