27 Photos That Garnered Thousands Of Likes Without Trying

In the world of social media, getting thousands of likes on a photo is no easy feat. It often takes careful planning, timing, and strategic use of hashtags to get noticed amidst the sea of content. However, there are some photos that seem to effortlessly garner likes without even trying.

Here are 27 examples of social media photos that have gained thousands of likes without much effort:

1. House down the street threw out Jesus

Source: ToiletSheriff / Reddit

2. Homeless man in Silicon Valley with VR headset

Source: Cranberryvacuum / Reddit

3. My parents in their youth (1998)

Source: marshywoodlands / Reddit

4. Found this at the goodwill today in the toy bin

Source: donnyskipper / Reddit

5. Dog with bubbles over his eyes

Source: smolprincess928 / Reddit

6. This freshly bathed cat

Source: Halfgnomen / Reddit

7. Miss Ukraine at the Miss Universe pageant

Source: qpgmr / Reddit

8. Only fan without a phone out

Source: Zigmo_v1 / Reddit

9. An expressive Dog

Source: Bozhark / Reddit

10. This turtle and dragonfly

Source: xarzilla / Reddit

11. A tree with half split blooming status

Source: Desiree0817 / Reddit

12. High school girls in Iran

Source: naveedflix / Reddit

13. We get told that we look alike all the time, so this costume seemed inevitable

Source: StuTOTHEart / Reddit

14. Latest glitchy forest painting!

Source: luizacreates / Reddit

15. Mount Fuji’s reflection

Source: bluuebunny / Reddit

16. A shadow covers these dandelions

Source: SurprisedPotato / Reddit

17. This menacing cockatoo

Source: gogofm / Reddit

18. A building with windows and ventilation

Source: Substantial_Gur_8230 / Reddit

19. My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy

Source: lambrox / Reddit

20. This dog fell off the car seat

Source: ji-soo- / Reddit

21. Two babies on a restaurant table

Source: monk_cat / Reddit

22. A couple struggles to take a picture

Source: Elise_night / Reddit

23. Father and son looking and “Father and Son” mural I painted of them in West Allis WI

Source: tomtom303 / Reddit

24. I spent 20 minutes cutting out Will Smith’s slap as perfectly as possible. Here’s the result:

Source: Sengee / Reddit

25. They are comfortable with each other

Source: thehimalayanviews / Reddit

26. The embers of this dying campfire

Source: hamptont2010 / Reddit

27. This couple on my flight the other day

Source: anthnyshark / Reddit