23 Impressive Photos Of Abandoned Places To Enjoy The Aesthetics Of Abandoned Buildings And The Beauty Of Decay

Why do places get abandoned? It’s sad to see a living place that once held someone’s laughter and voices be abandoned and forgotten like it never even existed. Maybe this is why abandoned places have that spooky feeling about them.

We believe that not only humans but the buildings and the walls inside them have memories and their decay over time shows how hurt they are to be left just like that.

Either way, they are still majestic, mysterious, and powerful. We have selected 23 photos to show the beauty of decay that will most probably make you sad while enjoying the aesthetics of abandoned places.

#1. The beauty of decay

Photo: © brian46356

#3. Abandoned in a glass factory. Connecticut, USA

Photo: © donald_pimental

#4. The Bosiljevo castle in Croatia

Photo: © umpkinAutomatic5068

#5. A stunning spiral staircase inside a Neo-Baroque villa that has been vacant for more than two decades

Photo: © /explorationofdecay

#6. This abandoned train graveyard in PA looks like a place you’d fight ghosts in

Photo: © donald_pimental

#7. This abandoned mansion is worth $25 million and is the largest in Canada

Photo: © tubbykusturd

#8. Abandoned Cuban Prison

Photo: © rockystl

#9. It’s sad that something like this could be abandoned

Photo: © urbexandchill

#10. So much character and charm in this Fairytale Manor

Photo: © briansphotographs

#11. Spooky feeling in an abandoned gymnasium

#12. Who abandons the flea market in Detroit?

Photo: © loki_racer

#13. Abandoned Hotel Fjord in Kotor, Montenegro, in the Eastern Europe Balkans.

Photo: © vantGardeCaligula

#14. Close prison in Mansfield, Ohio.

Photo: © Hepcat10

#15. Beautiful. It’s always a shame to see places like this abandoned and forgotten.

Photo: © hannibalcannibals

#16. An abandoned morgue that gives such a terrifying vibe.

Photo: © darkexploration_

#17. There are abandoned bunkers in Lithuania. They look so surreal in the middle of a forest

Photo: © IgnasP

#18. Águas Radium – An abandoned hotel in Portugal with radioactive water

Photo: © HeroiDosMares

#19. Abandoned Body Shop in Detroit

Photo: © No_Seaworthiness2343

#20. Abandoned underground tunnel for electric cables

Photo: © lastmord2021

#21. This abandoned waterpark in Vietnam gives such a creepy feeling

Photo: © GKW_

#22. One great shot of a church in Gary, IN. Isn’t this majestic?

Photo: © WizardCheesey

#23. 15 years ago, this resort and theme park in northern Japan was abandoned…

Photo: © chrisluckhardt