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21 Instances When Nature Was As Scary As A Horror Movie

From towering tornadoes to raging wildfires, nature can be incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring. But at times, it can also be terrifyingly scary, evoking images of horror movies. Here are 21 instances when nature unleashed its dark side and left us in awe of its power and fury.

1. A crocodile pounces on a wildebeest

Source: Temple-Town / Reddit

2. Spider vs cicada

Source: 420fmx / Reddit

3. The hand of an Aye-Aye. It uses its middle finger as a percussion device to look for hollow spots in the wood and also as a hook to fish out insects

Source: ihavebirb / Reddit

4. Group of Polar Bears tearing apart a whale carcass. Featuring one brave dude

Source: ThinlyRepot47 / Reddit

5. The meat hooks that are the golden eagle’s talons

Source: anondrive32 / Reddit

6. Rabbit with overgrown teeth

Source: nun_hunter / Reddit

7. The inside of a camel’s mouth

Source: IndeedBlow889 / Reddit

8. Death grip. Juvenile Martial Eagle slams into a young Warthog

Source: Rottiesss / Reddit

9. Redback Spider eating a Gecko in its web

Source: SFFEnthusiastPls / Reddit

10. The moment the Mountain Lion starts his leap

Source: Gainsborough-Smythe / Reddit

11. This living tomato. The full root system is visible at the bottom

Source: WideStrap63 / Reddit

12. A Leopard Seal Eyeing A Penguin Underwater (Paul Nicklen – Instagram)

Source: ExoticShock / Reddit

13. An avalanche pinned this elk to a tree

Source: lovelyb1ch66 / Reddit

14. Grey Hornbill eating a baby rat snake

Source: chipkali_lover / Reddit

15. What an adorable little chipmunk, but what’s up with that strange-looking acorn?

Source: aptyler308 / Reddit

16. Attitude adjustment

Source: Dull-Philosopherr / Reddit

17. This iguana is jacked

Source: GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

18. Tailless Whip scorpion with her babies

Source: GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

19. Cicada leaving the molt

Source: GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

20. A storm in Australia

Source: Seriallyraise / Reddit

21. Wild Boar Skull Compared To Adult Wolf

Source: IamMm2NUB / Reddit