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21 Hilarious Examples of Pareidolia – Objects That Look Like Faces

Pareidolia is a phenomenon where our brains interpret random stimuli as familiar patterns, such as faces. This can occur in everyday objects, like rocks or clouds, and lead to some amusing and even hilarious interpretations. In this article, we’ve gathered 21 of the most entertaining examples of pareidolia in objects that look like faces.

1. I always feel like, somebody’s watching me

Source: spontaneousbabyshakr / Reddit

2. Stewie Griffin & this fire alarm

Source: jodidonnelly / Reddit

3. Happy little thing

Source: teardrinker / Reddit

4. My bedpost at the Airbnb I stayed at was surprised to see me

Source: mdruckus / Reddit

5. New house, broken teeth

Source: silas0069 / Reddit

6. My little space heater is so cozy and content

Source: everymanawildcat / Reddit

7. Chicken church

Source: RiffRaffMama / Reddit

8. A house, aghast

Source: XmanORE / Reddit

9. Sour cream man

Source: ghostcraft192 / Reddit

10. Walking Jacket

Source: Dizzy-Armadillo9055 / Reddit

11. My Evil Strudel!

Source: brolbo / Reddit

12. This cactus looks like something els

Source: BeesAreInDanger / Reddit

13. I pushed a chair out of my way at work and unintentionally created this little guy

Source: Open-Team3194 / Reddit

14. My sink has seen things

Source: theladymorganna / Reddit

15. Water my boyfriend spilled that looks like some type of porcupine dinosaur hybrid

Source: Psych0tical / Reddit

16. Looks like those Smiley potatoes

Source: Sivdom / Reddit

17. Stand back, I gotta practice my stabbin’!

Source: brolbo / Reddit

18. That’s the ROCKIE MONSTER

Source: AshenKauri / Reddit

19. Rocky face

Source: Mysterious-Set3374 / Reddit

20. I saw a profile in my dumpling dough…

Source: gabeuscorpus / Reddit

21. I just posted it here. Thought you’d appreciate it!

Source: BeesAreInDanger / Reddit