20 Weirdest Photos That Show Why This World Is Such a Crazy Place

We keep on hearing that this world is such a crazy place, but only a few can actually explain what exactly makes it crazy. Before you go deep into contemplation, we want to show you our point of view. Our team believes that humans are the main reasons that make our world seem crazier and weirder.

We at Modern Mood have compiled a collection of insane photos, ideas, situations, and phenomena that looks so absurd and funny at the same time. Some of these photos are so confusing that it’s difficult to understand why this or that stuff happened without having the whole image of the story. Scroll down to see the photos, and don’t forget to mention some reasons that make our world so insane.

#1. And they say the kids are getting addicted to Pokemon Go

Photo: © SadlyHappyRedditor

#2. These gas prices are too high for social security

Photo: © Adventurous-Client58

#3. Imperialism in a nutshell

Photo: © BadDrinkerr

#4. He’s not mad, just disappointed.

Photo: © thunderbirdsetup

#5. Imagine having to pay for dinner but only have a 50% chance of getting anything

Photo: © 1SoulGamer4

#6. Ol’ man of the punching bag, what is thine wisdom?

Photo: © NucIearBomb

#7. Having that shit running after me would be absolutely terrifying.

Photo: © whiteniteee

#8. Caption this

Photo: © TheJarvees

#9. Something to really get your teeth into

Photo: © BarbieSimp69

#10. Eagleton ambulance.

Photo: © cat_play_computer


Photo: © Inevitable_Juice_666

#12. Baba Yaga doesn’t exis-

Photo: © LordCog

#13. What are we having for dinner?

Photo: © Sad-Feedback-3970

#14. We’ve never seen a fish doubting its existence like this before.

Photo: © Yeeslander

#15. Jesus, I hope that thing isn’t sharpened

Photo: © djstretchnuts

#16. We’re suffering from these noodles

Photo: © cat_play_computer

#17. The art of parking wherever you like

Photo: © Adventurous-Client58

#18. Just “don’t” it

Photo: © Confident_Grade2926

#19. Alex Honnold. Probably more comfortable than an average person standing on a curb.

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

20. …