20 Weird Stuff That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable And Disturb Your Balance

Everything that is weird, interesting, surprising, and even absurd has the power to amaze us more, be more curious about them, and make us want to explore them more and deeper. They say curiosity killed the cat but if that cat was curious about the photos compiled in our article, then absurdity would kill it first.

We have prepared some weird stuff here that will make you jump out of your comfort zone and feel some goosebumps over your body. These odd and sometimes even absurd photos are exactly what can pull things out of balance and harmony.

So just check them out and tell us which one exactly made you feel a little uncomfortable.

#1. Hopefully, this is nothing to be concerned about

Photo: © Ripsaw99

#2. Jellyfish Hair is slowly becoming a trend

Photo: © jrt5251

#3. What kind of creatures are they?

Photo: © gemparkanbj

#4. The Frilled Shark, an inhabitant of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with a shark-like head and snake-like body, is frequently described as a “living fossil”.

Photo: © scot816

#5. “A call for action”

Photo: © op_is_not_available

#6. Perfectly timed shot of a croc chomping down on an elephant’s trunk

Photo: © monkman75

#7. “My mum’s toilet after a recent flood.”

Photo: © Imgur

#8. The Ravine Trapdoor Spider’s incredible abdomen looks like an ancient Mayan symbol. This spider lives in burrows, and it uses the hardened disc at the end of its abdomen to clog the entrance when it feels threatened.

Photo: © jjingramx

#9. Is this a coincidence?

Photo: © danielsv_

#10. Do you smell Australian wildness here?

Photo: © Dirty-Slippers

#11. Cora Korsett was a German dominatrix in the 1970s.

Photo: © dvarka124

#12. A Ling cod, complete with a ‘belly full’ of octopus….

Photo: © indelibleice

#13. Wrestling frogs…

Photo: © kgangadhar

#14. “Just when I was about to brush my teeth …”

Photo: © nismospecz

#15. Alien-like giant isopod

Photo: © monkman75

#16. The Luxury of Public Transportation

Photo: © cracka1337

#17. Hand Implants. Why would people do this to themselves?

Photo: © toeofcamell

#18. This is hell of creepy

Photo: © ganymede_boy

#19. Manatee just wants a hug

Photo: © monkman75

#20. Would you like to have a pair of these?

Photo: © SMA_O