20 Unusual Plants We Don’t Come Across Everyday Amaze With Their Uniqueness

The diversity of species is simply stunning. The green world is full of wonders and secrets that people have not been able to uncover yet. Botanics spend years exploring the most interesting species, yet they do not always succeed in finding answers.
Thanks to a Reddit group, users can now identify some species by sharing the most unusual plants and asking for names and identification. In some cases, people don’t just ask for names but boast about the ones they have planted and grown themselves.

Scroll down to check the most amazing species of plants and share your beauties too.

1. Elephant ear plant (Colocasia) in Louisiana

Photo: © MySFWTransAccount

2. Begonia midnight magic gives a black and red aesthetic

Photo: © The__virtuosa

3. The lovely Autumn Aster (or Michaelmas Daisy).

Photo: © loltyIer1

4. The massive staghorn that looks like lettuce

Photo: © Justanotheremptysoul

5. Bloodred webcaps – Cortinarius sanguineus

Photo: © liliannaax

6. Alocasia sumo spreading around

Photo: © Potential-Dish-5227

7. This heart-shaped potato is now ready to be planted

Photo: © Ldsone071

8. Oaxilis triangularis (false shamrock) leaves change colors as they mature

Photo: © arztnur

9. This Ebony looks like it’s ready for Halloween

Photo: © Zzd12

10. Scindapsus argyraeus dark form. Stunning!

Photo: © trippedcat

11. This beauty is a Streptocarpus Polka-Dot Purple

Photo: © oojibs

12. Caterpillar damage on Kalanchoe beharensis

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

13. Begonia Melanobulata is a beauty

Photo: © 444prism444

14. This cactus is growing happily

Photo: © ManagementEuphoric69

15.  A huge pineapple

Photo: © brolbo

16. Blood-Stained Begonia

Photo: © Strong_Lychee9720

17. House of Succulents in Italy

Photo: © richbaird

18. Black nebula carrots

Photo: © lailomeiel

19. Look at this gorgeous baby

Photo: © Far-Jellyfish-9541

20. The level of authenticity is amazing

Photo: © demiurgish