20 Tiny And Super Cute Animals Proving Why Pet Owners Are Always Depression-Free

We have written so much about animals so far that our whole team has started thinking about adopting a pet to see what that all fuss about cuteness and joy is all about. Those who have a four-legged furry friend at home are proven to be happier and depression-free. These cute rays of sunshine have the power to relieve stress and fill the atmosphere with positive vibes only.

Today we prepared the most adorable collection of tiny creatures that are impossible to pass by indifferently. Check them out and try not to say “aww” out loud.

#1. Tiniest things that bring the biggest joys

Photo: © dingogrundle

#2. Is she a Maya, Luna, or Sophie?

Photo: © jadedcar

#3. Just a quartet of puffballs…

Photo: ©. AwwCatsDotCom

#4. Could these cheeks be any cuter?

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#5. The receiver of cuddles

Photo: © Unknown

#6. This doubtful glance though

Photo: © Mrskoolaid_83

#7. This is what pure happiness looks like

Photo: © Easy_Statistician477

#8. Loafer…

Photo: © Redr_Evergrey

#9. Even cuter when he’s upset or disappointed

Photo: © kristioppa

#10. Have you seen a more adorable photo today?

Photo: © lalablahblahhaha

#11. Just enjoying the sun

Photo: © peggopanic

#12. Little big love, isn’t he?

Photo: © NotRealAmericans

#13. This smile makes hearts melt

Photo: © eshitaits

#14. I’m the size of two sauces. How cute does that make me?

Photo: © janaanastasia

#15. OMG, we are heartbroken

Photo: © DoctorLo

#16. She is perfect, isn’t she?

Photo: © mallgoths

#17. This is seriously the cutest thing

Photo: © sophie_9yearold

#18. This is Carl. Carl thinks crime is cool

Photo: © mzmkubwa

#19. The loveliest ball in midflight

Photo: © TwoTimeToj

#20. Double trouble or double beauty?

Photo: © jthosch