20 Times When Wildest Ideas Came To Life And Left Us Wondering If They Are A Masterpiece Or Just A Trash

Whether these ideas came into life are trash or a real masterpiece we will leave that up to you but this collection will definitely blow your mind.

The most creative people are the craziest! That’s for sure. They see the world through completely different lenses and their creations are just as different, crazy, genius, and sometimes even awful. The photos of this collection have made it hard for us to differentiate whether they are masterpieces or just another trash. Check out the photos and tell your opinion on them.

#1. Would have given the creeps during late-night fridge excursions.

Photo: © corrodedremains
Photo: © corrodedremains

#2. These are called reflected jeans…

Photo: © SGII2

#3. Salt and pepper shakers…

Photo: © Turuu_Was_Taken

#4. Any comments on these hearing aids?

Photo: © Reddemon519

#5. A tea lamp?

Photo: © ShapeShiftingCats

#6. Nail artists are the most creative these days

Photo: © DumbHuman53

#7. “Hi” on the front, “Meow” on the back

Photo: © LargeCzar

#8. Any sense? Lenin, Jesus and Mickey statue

Photo: © Zeugirdork

#9. Teach a man to fish… Then tattoo his leg

Photo: © FreshlyCutGrass976

#10. American pool table.

Photo: © Browndog888

#11. I’ll see your flamingo lamp, and raise you a $6500 life-sized horse lamp

Photo: © AuntySocialite

#12. The talent of connecting neck hair to the beard.

Photo: © rosscosoletrain2

#13. We’re curious as to how it actually tastes…

Photo: © PineapplePlanet

#14. Realistic baby yetis

Photo: © RevivedMisanthropy

#15. Well, not only nail but also makeup artists are the most cr4eative these dsays

Photo: © Unknown

#16. A lot to unpack here

Photo: © nofxpunkguy

#17. This mask’s so sick

Photo: © _estoico_

#18. When you have so much spare time

Photo: © IDontHaveAHouse12

#19. Who else doesn’t want to try this pineapple pizza?

Photo: © qwertyfish99

#20. Found in a charity shop and named her Svetlana

Photo: © Forget-Me-Not-Fairy