20 Times When Life Prepared And Played A Funny Trick With People And We Can’t Stop Laughing

We love laughing at the funny and minor bad luck of other people and never know what is prepared for ourselves.

Life can hit so unexpectedly and you’ll never know what you will wake up to the next morning an explosion in your bathroom or your car all covered in snow that you don’t even see where it is. These examples were just the best of the worst, just keep on scrolling to see in what ways exactly life prepares surprises and defilement laughs out loud at all of us.

#1. This is why we were saying kicking a spider is a sin

Photo: © R4f3

#2. Welp…there goes her new bed.

Photo: © aprlrobertaludgte

#3. Overusing is a sin too!

Photo: © themodernmanhustle

#4. When pizza is the only thing to cheer you up and comes this way

Photo: © beachsunflower

#5. Just took this little guy a bath 20 minutes ago

Photo: © AddiictxD

#6. Just before the wedding…

Photo: © MeatyClaws55

#7. It was a bit windy today

Photo: © Madman0508

#8. Losing 2 fingers in a work-related accident on the day my new guitar arrived.

Photo: © isaactheantagonist

#9. “My neighbors had a party last night. That’s my trampoline.”

Photo: © HalfWaySlick

#10. A bit of mud never killed anybody

Photo: © gigirendon1991

#11. Does anyone care for a risotto a la plastique?

Photo: © Odd_Watermelon01

#12. When you live in Svalbard, Norway, and forgot to close the window to the home office

Photo: © Kjakan

#13. This is a hell of a pain

Photo: ©. ral365

#14. Christmas Lunch ruined for a few extra $ on weigh-in

Photo: © AtomicCypher

#15. How is your lunch going?

Photo: © S-H-E-M-P

#16. How did it get there in the first place?

Photo: © elmasi07

#17. When the insurance company says it was definitely an act of god.

Photo: © Unfair-Baseball-6379

#18. Someone needed a shrift

Photo: © ppsuccerisgod

#19. Your money’s crying now

Photo: © Britty-Ro

#20. Someone had a really tough morning

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