20 Times Users Noticed Something Surprisingly Interesting And Decided To Share

Life is in constant movement for those who try to catch up with its rhythm and keep on learning and thriving. Only when you don’t want to stick at one place you will start to notice the interesting, strange, and exciting things going on around you.

This is exactly what the users and authors of the photos in this article did. They found the uncommon things we come across every day but hardly ever notice, took photos, and decided to share with everyone.

So, our team in its turn compiled the most interesting of them for you to check out. Let’s go.

#1. Global warming? The thermometer in the sun today

Photo: © i_think_therefore_i_

#2. Jonny Kim, aged 36, has achieved becoming a Navy Seal, a trained Harvard doctor, and is now selected to become the first Korean to go to space

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#3. A vascular Amazon fresh yam

Photo: © Paul_Cain

#4. Julius Caesar Pen Holder

Photo: © Fixitmax

#5. I made a mini-me of our dog. She was a bit bamboozled.

Photo: © tinastinythings

#6. A Lynx or a Russian doll?

Photo: © nightforday

#7. A mini orange in an orange

Photo: © Imgur

#8. Had a nail run through my eye. They stretched my pupil over the hole and stitched it up

Photo: © Ooopsie-daisy

#9. The most fun thing to do – Headbutting Shipping Container

Photo: © Metalkon

#10. Metallic statue with botanical features wearing a suit

Photo: © crappypuppy

#11. How creepy is this? Water Buffalo stuck in the drainage

Photo: © CkPerena

#12. The urinals at a local pub got a cool addition for the Euros.

Photo: © MaxMartinCeramics

#13. What would it feel like to be the man on the moon?

Photo: © eldragon0

#14. The aggression between a pelican and a crow

Photo: © Camel0pardalis

#15. Hooded seals inflate the inside of their noses to impress females

Photo: © bape_x_anime

#16. Instead, they pose next to it

Photo: © branklins

#17. The banisters at this hotel are held up by little metal men

Photo: © delicatedead

#18. The dilated eye glows red after the visit to an eye doctor

Photo: © cult_of_memes

#19. Fibonacci feline.

Photo: © /—Dan—

#20. Who can cheer this sad sunflower up?

Photo: © alexampersander