20 Times Talented People Handmade Something So Amazing That We Can’t Help But Adore The Level Of Craftsmanship

In this world where the mass market overpowers the unique, it. We are necessary to appreciate the handmade, especially when there are so many talented people who can turn any ordinary object into a masterpiece or create one from scratch and useless items.
The value of something drastically grows whenever someone puts his heart and soul and even more – love in the process of creating it!

Enjoy these 20 pictures of fascinating talent and handmade items that we secretly wish we could make ourselves.

1. Hand embroidered some vans for my wedding with our flower color scheme

Photo: © reinederien

2. I make backgammon boards out of pressed leaves and foliage; this is my favorite one so far

Photo: © nukulele145

3. This blanket pulled me in like nothing else – I finished it in just 8 days and I can’t believe I made it!

Photo: © koukkuunkoukussa

4. Sailing ship, oil painting by my mom

Photo: © alonemushroom

5. Made a dress out of the leaves in my garden. Either needed to rake them or make this, seemed a shame for them to go to waste

Photo: © Manatee2k3

6. My husband and I made this chair together. He did all of the woodworking; I did all of the macrame

Photo: © m4rceline

7. My friend’s girlfriend makes some intricate rugs. Her plants are cool too

Photo: © LetRBudge

8. The fact that this dress is handmade makes it 10 times better

Photo: © EVALIZA

9. Who said only the feet and the head need to be kept warm?

Photo: © sidewaysburrito

10. It took me four months but finally my cat actually sits on the sofa I crocheted for her

Photo: © katie22914

11. Made myself a pair of shoes – all by hand stitching

Photo: © dimgshoe

12. My very first welding project!

Photo: © rexsartstudio

13. Giant push pin lamp I designed and made

Photo: © Tinkertailormakerguy

14. My uncle pissed me off so I made his 3 young sons rubber band shooters for Christmas

Photo: © chuffberry

15. I am Groot

Photo: © BerkshireMtnSculptor

16. My wife is proud of this gingerbread house she made and wanted me to share it with her

Photo: © Phat_Strat

17. Coming up on 3 years of wire wrapping. Here’s my first piece and my latest piece. The progress, though

Photo: © thewookery

18. Made a mountain napkin holder from some offcuts. Saw the design in metal and thought it would look nice made out of wood as well

Photo: © Estragon94

19. What a lovely way to create shade. The Ladies in my village in Southern Spain crochet and hang these over this street.

Photo: © Sylocule

20. A glass of whiskey I painted

Photo: © juliaockert