20 Times People Risked To Enter Abandoned Places And Found This

There’s a spooky feeling about abandoned places and it’s somewhat scary that once filled with living souls these places turn into lifeless walls but still carry the voices of those that have once been or lived there.

Some of the abandoned places didn’t survive the cruelty of time and some eventually got taken over by Nature.

The photos of abandoned houses, hotels, theaters and restaurants compiled here will make you experience all the emotions and feelings at once. Scroll down to check out the mysterious shots of long-forgotten places and tell us what they make you feel.

#1. The S.S. America, slowly rotting away in the Canary Islands since 1994.

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#2. This is an old abandoned diner

Photo: © hallchristheurbexman

#3. The abandoned Pontiac Silverdome (Former home of NFL’s Detroit Lions)

Photo: © c_stone710

#4. The abandoned house of a Belgian artist

Photo: © Ricardography

#5. The feeling in this abandoned theatre…

Photo: © Perfect_Gas

#6. An Abandoned stairwell in Berlin

Photo: © 4chanAD

#7. The very spooky but beautiful abandoned castle in Spain

Photo: © mtlgrems

#8. The Graveyard of disused ships

Photo: © MathDant

#9. Abandoned Spaceship Ropeway, Japan

Photo: © robinsche

#10. A true work of art on the ceiling – the definition of AbandonedPorn, Italy

Photo: © Zeneroliqk

#11. Mansfield Reformatory

Photo: © Bstr3d731

#12. How does this cave full of old cars make you feel?

Photo: © mtlgrems

#13. The GIGANTIC and creepy 26 foot Marilyn Monroe statue from a dump in China

Photo: © scrumdilly69

#14. In a bed of Grass. An abandoned hotel in Braunlage Germany (Torn Down)

Photo: © HaltheDestroyer

#15. 35 years ago, on April 26, reactor 4 of the Chernobyl powerplant exploded. Here is its control room, inside the protective shelter.

Photo: © chameloon

#16. An abandoned and mysterious hotel in Europe

Photo: © mtlgrems

#17. Skating in an abandoned water park

Photo: © Unknown

#18. Volkswagen graveyard

Photo: © 4chanAD