20 Times People Found The Coolest Stuff For The Lowest Prices That Make Us Truly Envy Them

Do you want to know where to buy the coolest, most trendy, and unique stuff for the lowest price? Keep on reading then. We are sure most of you already know “the places,” but for those who still don’t, our team has prepared this collection that is a pure wow for every and each piece.

From an excellent Gucci shirt to a cool cropped denim jacket with cute Winnie The Pooh characters, these people were indeed lucky to find on-trend vintage stuff in thrift stores for the lowest prices.

Scroll down to see the collection, and before you start envying it, let us know what has been your coolest find from thrift stores so far?

#1. What a dream!. This is the coolest find.

Photo: © winterhooper

#2. What an excellent find. The coolest Gucci sweater

Photo: ©leebeebaby

#3. Someone has scored a Yip-Yip costume at GW for $3.99!

Photo: © artguydeluxe

#4. A super on-trend handmade crochet beach cover-up/summer dress

Photo: © spicycheetahbean

#5. The most beautiful dresses are sold in thrift stores

Photo: © bleucloud99

#6. Looks like something a celebrity would pay thousands of dollars for

Photo: © VinceMontana

#7. Absolutely stunning pair of embroidered boots

Photo: © thecanceryogi

#8. It’s always fun hunting for treasure!

Photo: © cautiouscrafter

#9. That’s some golden girls vibe there.

Photo: © DonnyRedford

#10. Indeed so fine, aren’t they?

Photo: © drippin_honey

#11. “I bought this hand-knitted jumper half a year ago from a charity shop; I moved across the country and found a book to learn how to make that jumper!”

Photo: © noiceorange

#12. Super cute and basically brand new dr. Martens for $10.

Photo: © beaniesve

#13. The latest chair find from Goodwill is kitty approved

Photo: © smidgyballs

#14. This unique boat dress is on sail

Photo: © KohanaCat

#15. The new rug is the happiness of this dog right at this moment

Photo: © damestillmen

#16. “I hope you’re not buying that,” my girlfriend texted me. How could I pass this up for $6.98?

Photo: © Unknown

#17. Only $4.99 for this cool vintage hand-knit Polo Bear sweater.

Photo: © tyler_lieu

#18. Very contextualized shirt that anyone can relate

Photo: © dezelina51

#19. How can you pass such a silly shirt that’s worth only a dollar?

Photo: © analogsimulacrum

#20. “These shoes have the same print as my grandma’s couch, so of course, I had to get them.”

Photo: © /headclouds

#Bonus: Fresh from the cart score… the cashier was shocked that it made it out of the back.

Photo: © gabis420