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20 Times People Found Something Unexpected And Surprising And Shared It Online

Sometimes the most ordinary things tend to surprise us. We find hidden gems like that on our way home or during a hike, and usually can’t help but take a picture. If you are attentive enough and look at your surroundings closely you too will find interesting and fascinating objects that are unusual or rare.
Luckily these people were very attentive and didn’t forget to take a picture of what they’ve found, not only that, but they also shared the pictures online.
So, we picked some of the most interesting ones and gathered them for you in the article down below.

1. Sand sculpture of a girl that I found on the beach

Photo: © IAccidentallyBuiltIt

2. A creative way to make a bus stop out of a huge excavator bucket

Photo: © sippen730

3. The way my beer exploded and turned into a slushie after I left it in the freezer for 23 hours

Photo: © TimeBandito

4. I was born with only four fingers on my left hand

Photo: © Marrtyr11

5. When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue

Photo: © Blueskyblonde

6. Found the weirdest leaf on the road today

Photo: © Krallorddark

7. Some lady brought in a macaw parrot where I work and let me hold it

Photo: © MoeTheFox

8. Easy to guess which is the center seat; 3rd row from the back of the theatre

Photo: © toddhenderson

9. Just a bear cloud

Photo: © giantdmpstrfire

10. It took us a year to find out that a single rubber plant leaf will root but never grow anything new

Photo: © dr_drea26

11. You are really not allowed to park along this stretch of highway in Florida

Photo: © AmalgamTattoo

12. Cat hammock made from masks

Photo: © Backkete

13. The Ghost Deer that patrols our neck of the woods

Photo: © thredder

14. This creepy spiderweb

Photo: © BuNCH78

15. Mushrooms growing out of my old mop

Photo: © Fashionandbeauty1

16. This “floating” table my dad built

Photo: © Terrarian_BeanBag

17. This pretty large dragonfly we found

Photo: © ailurius

18. An artwork created by the beavers

Photo: © Feeling-Committee-93

19. This piece of rock I found looks like a nice fatty steak

Photo: © Weidelberg

20. Little delivery robots in the wild

Photo: © FluffyKittens12