20 Times People Experienced Bad Luck And It Had Nothing To Do With Superstition, Black Cats, Or Numbers

Superstitious people believe in things with no logical grounds and any connection to the physical world. They think that coming across a black cat or number 13 can bring bad luck, or, on the contrary, a rabbit’s foot will bring luck, and if you find a penny, you should pick it up because this also is believed to bring luck. But the fact is that sometimes people experience bad luck without even believing in this nonsense, without cats or numbers.

We have prepared a collection of people who luck simply abandoned without reason and explanation. And this is painful. Check out the photos to see how bad it can get sometimes.

#1. At least he was lucky not to sit in the car this morning and defrost it.

Photo: © NicholasStevenPhoto

#2. “The hot water wasn’t working, so I went to the basement to investigate.”

Photo: © LargeThighMeat

#3. Tree trimming job – done!

Photo: © xXdRaK

#4. Someone only needed the wheels

Photo: © Flamey166

#5. When you were simply relaxing, and this happens

Photo: © /navelorango

#6. He’s never going to recover from this financially

Photo: © malpheres

#7. Scaffolding Smashes Into Big Ben Just Days After £80 Million Makeover Was Revealed

Photo: © Godley2

#8. That guitar was expensive. Was.

Photo: © chupathingy99

#9. Standing and watching how it destroys the house

Photo: © designedbyeric

#10. The pain when the Swedish Fish takes your Crown!

Photo: © 4DrivingWhileBlack

#11. Smashed for the second time this year…

Photo: © Yandlier

#12. When you spray a spider and all the babies run off its back

Photo: © /port0123

#13. Defeated by some leek

Photo: © Somekindofjazz

#14. Didn’t remove the protective cover until I had it mounted on the wall.

Photo: © StrongMulberry1985

#15. Luck doesn’t want you to go to work today

Photo: © RoseDragon529

#16. When you come home to get ready for work 1 hour before the shift and the key to the building snaps in the lock

Photo: © saacismyboytoy

#17. Someone’s laundry day was a bummer.

Photo: © Cannabace

#18. My dad told me about a method he was using to make a perfect poached egg in the microwave…

Photo: © whoop_di_dooooo

#19. When your strawberry has more protein than expected

Photo: © nnie102

#20. Someone parked under the wrong tree during California pollen season

Photo: © JDBAZ