20 Times Kids Found Out Their Parents Were Way Cooler Than They Are

There’s something very romantic in going through old photo albums and reminiscing how everything was back then. The way our parents dressed, their hobbies, and just the fact that their daily habits were captured on photographs that we can observe now, and get a grip of what life was like ten, twenty, and even more years ago somehow warms our hearts, bringing so much sweet nostalgia!

Surprised by and proud of their parent’s lives, people are sharing their photos on different platforms nowadays.

Enjoy this article and take a trip back in time with us, where people were rocking leather jackets and high-wasted jeans, casually looking like movie stars!

1. My grandfather used to rip phonebooks in half

Photo: © eatabigolD

2. Anita Ekberg who won Miss Sweden in 1950, then went on to star in La Dolce Vita

Photo: © clifftoon

3. A modeling photo of my great-aunt Frizti (Frances), 1941

Photo: © lissy51886

4. My great-grandparents during their elopement in the early 1940s

Photo: © agitatedgreenbean

5. My badass wife in 1995

Photo: © RamShackleton

6. My mom looking like a queen on her wedding day in 1979

Photo: © Jfreed7

7. German strongwoman Luisita Leers displaying her physique (1925)

Photo: © fargohoat

8. The senior portrait of my rebel mom that my grandmother forbid her to publish

Photo: © i_love_nny

9. My great-grandmother Inez, 1930

Photo: © p3tty_wap

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Photo: © rosseepoo

11. My dad made anything look cool (1981)

Photo: © polite_demon

12. Miss Universe of Yugoslavia, with a MIG 21, 1968

Photo: © gabrieltwin

13. My beautiful mom, early 90’s

Photo: © lemonprim3

14. Found this photo of my dad from 1971 that I thought looked pretty cool

Photo: © OmenLW

15. Another mom who loves to skate barefoot (1974).

Photo: © imgur

16. My good-looking grandparents on their wedding day in 1958

Photo: © Misspumpkinz

17. My mom in a Romanian national costume, 1975

Photo: © ProfetF9

18. My grandmother in the early ’60s

Photo: © Kidrock100

19.Recently found my cousin, Gary’s mugshot while going through old family albums. 2/9/1988

Photo: © 19schmidt94

20. My wife’s grandmother. Russia, 70 years ago

Photo: © featEng